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It's basically finding your soulmate when you see them. It doesn't care for age differences. A 17 year can imprint with a 4 year old. The 17 year old just has to wait until the 4 year old grows up.

Or, in Jacob's case, a 17/18 year old can imprint on a newborn baby.

Let someone be the center of the universe, let your self float away! )
How is losing your sense of self admirable? How can making your life revolve around one being someone you yearn for, in a partner?

No doubt Jacob will help raise Renesmee, but I suppose my mind is having a very, very hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that he'll have to go from a fatherly/brotherly type of love and support to a, well, romantic type of love and support. Because, ultimately, imprinting is suppose to procure werewolves/offspring/love sex joy joy. I don't understand this transition. I know a few friends who have had friends who've waited until someone is legal before anything physically starts (though emails/texts/chats have not really been non-sexual). That's when the person's still a teenager. This, and other examples, are when the other person is a baby, or a toddler. I just...I get squicked out, to use a phrase from the Internet.

It also bothers me that finding your soulmate, in this universe, means losing your sense of self. It means having the other person become the center of the universe, the gravity of the earth. That's suppose unhealthy and kind of creepy.

Growing up, I've read romance novels or young adult/teen books about romance. It really skewed my expectations for relationships, for males. It joined other factors like observing my parents or sisters or other forms of (mostly Western) media. This before my depression kicked in.

Reading these books and being exposed to the media and my parents hammered home the points:
Bad love/relationship expectations )

Holy fuck, I just thought of the book the fifth point refers to for the first time today in a long fucking time. I can't believe, as a kid, I gobbled up all the romance novels set in the 1500 or 1600's or whatever in Europe/London, you know, with Ton and everything. It was rape. I can't believe I read that book and was completely okay with it whereas I saw Jodie Foster in The Accused and that really stuck with me so much and besides my parents forbidding me to wear short skirts after I got my period (due to religious beliefs), that movie also scared off short skirts.

Was it because one was written and the other was visual? Was it because in one, it was his wife and I was expected to believe the male to have sexual power and knowledge and use it and in the other it was clearly strangers raping Jodie Foster's character? Oh, my God, did I condone what was essentially a rape in one book, by not reacting badly to it?

Even if the setting and time period in the book condones rape or males sexually assaulting their fiancee or wives, I wasn't raised in that period. That book was heavy on victim-blaming and the victim/female taking all the blame for all the fights in the relationship upon her shoulders. I shouldn't have been "okay, cool" and just gone on to the next book.

Oh, God. I feel so bad for reading that book and thinking it was completely okay. Oh, my God, I liked a book that endorses rape-culture.
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The last time I did this meme was a few years ago but still a Friday in September. As close to anniversaries as possible! Rewind and I hope some answers have changed. FYI/warning: this meme asks about memories, relationships (past and current), friends, daily life, interests among other stuff.

Meme, take two! )

I don't have interest in finishing this Ergo Proxy 1 Disc from Netflix. I really, really should. A llot of my downloadable library items will expire tomorrow and there's no way I can finish listening to (several) of them in time.


Color quiz

Sep. 1st, 2011 11:42 pm
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you are darkslateblue

Your dominant hue is blue, making you a good friend who people love and trust. You're good in social situations and want to fit in. Just be careful not to compromise who you are to make them happy.

Your saturation level is medium - You're not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it's required of you. You probably don't think the world can change for you and don't want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

This was ganked from [livejournal.com profile] unico_love. I like blue... The list of words was very hard to pick because I can be very loud, and other times I can be very shy and quiet...  I am not good in social situations unless it's a small group of people I already know. But I do, sometimes, want to fit in, or at least not be thought of as the sad loner. (Someone told me at Matt's brother's party in June that he noticed I didn't talk to anybody and I was all alone and that that was depressing. :S Gee, thanks. That just made me more socially anxious. Figures he was a journalism major and liked talking to random strangers.)

Yeah, I'm not very decisive. Sometimes when I'm stuck between two items I buy both... (If they're cheap enough.) Pfft. If the world could change enough to let me have a job and stay in the US indefinitely, that'd be fantastic! Silly visa laws...  I'm not so sure about the flexibilty and seeing things objectively... Obviously it's easier to see a situation I'm outside of objectively. Though sometimes after a fight I can see the person's perspective. That can be good - I understand where they're coming from - or bad - I see what I did wrong and I beat myself up with guilt.
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The last time I posted on LiveJournal/InsaneJournal was August 7th, Sunday. Later, at around midnight after I broke fast and continued snacking and drinking water - ever since I was little I've thought of water as the elixir of life and when you're fasting/dehydrated it absolutely is - Matt and I found a scale in their house and I weighed myself. I was a little less than the absolute limit we set up a few years ago when I tried fasting, so I went "Oh, well! I should stop fasting!" Looking back I think I was a little too cavalier, and gave up too easily. Especially after I found an article about a high school American football player in Florida who continues to go to practices in full gear while fasting. It's good for him his coaches watch him for symptoms of heat stroke/heat exhaustion and the practices were moved to 7am in hopes it'd help the player avoid the heat. Though their games are still in the afternoon, I believe. I was talking about it to Matt and mentioned the football player was 265lbs after losing 10lbs after 9 or so days of fasting and Matt said "He must be a linebacker!" I have no idea what a linebacker is or any football positions but I guess they're the ones who attack the opposing players. I know more about European football than American football. So I went back to the apartment and was happy to be able to eat food and drink water whenever I wanted. And eat my ice cream. I celebrated by buying ice cream, yeah. :P I don't remember what I did the days I was back in the apartment, though I think I started feeling like I wanted to be alone... I did visit Matt the following Friday - he picked me up - and we watched two movies that evening with his family/some of them.

Source Code, Adjustment Bureau, relationships )

Museum visit, migraine, Paprika movie )

Then the next Sunday we had a brief driving lesson in a smallish high school parking lot. :( We were out at noon or something so that was understandable we couldn't find a more deserted area. I still didn't get on the road, and acceleration was scary... I think I went up to 8mph...

The work week was a little WTF and multiple breakdowns.

Saturday - there was free medical check up, dental (extraction, cleaning, filling) and vision (prescription, pressure check, dilation check, glaucoma, free frames - you get free complete glasses with prescription lenses if you got there early enough) offered by Remote Area Medical. Matt and I got there around 5:45am after waking up at 4am for shower (him) and breakfast and to drive there. Doors open at 5:30am. My number was 503. Apparently they started handing out numbers at 3:30am! I got into the building at 10am. I got into vision at 10:30am and was done around 1:15pm. I waited for dental but within being 20 people of getting in they started turning people away who had already gotten something else done. :-( SO CLOSE! I left around 5pm and got back to Matt's at 6pm. More than 12 hours of waiting - Matt had to leave around 9am because he had to help his brother move furniture - with about 4 hours of sleep. I still haven't slept long and well since Friday night. A lot of the people there were also students. I had both an optometry student and an optometrist inspect my eyes. My vision sucks.

Today I primed for the first time! And swung on a rope. And played Mario Galaxy. We had a full day of eating, too. Sausages, eggs, watermelon, musk melon, chicken cajun-cheese-mayo sandwich, more watermelon, musk, mango, chicken enchilada, lettuce, salsa, watermelon, musk, mango. YUMMY. Oh and there's corn leftovers. ♥

Thanks, too, to people I talked to amidst crises moments, who put aside time to talk to me/call. ♥
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So survey time

Asks birthdays, relationships, friends, drinking, memories, stuff like that.

Cause it's loong )

A- Age of your first kiss: 14 and a half
B- Band you are listening to right now: Watching Psych on Netflix, not listening to music...
C- Crush: My current boyfriend! :P But I don't have a crush on him now; I'm in love with him.
D- Drink you had last: Chilled water!
E- Easiest person to talk to: Matt or Beth or Hana F, on the phone
F- Favorite ice cream: Oooh, cookies 'n' cream or Safeway Select Brownie with Moose Tracks (new favorite)
G- Gummy worms or gummy bears?: Bears for sure!
H- Height: 5'1"
I- Instruments: In 5th, 6th and 8th-10th grades I played the euphonium
J- Junk food: All of them. :P Fruit Roll Up, Fruit Gushers, Cookies 'n' Cream Chewy bars, Cheese Doritoes
K- Kids: I don't know if I wanna have kids....
L- Longest car/bus ride: Car ride - summer 2007, from Budapest to Bucharest
M- Mom's name: Yeah, not going to say...
N- Nicknames: Izzy, Chipmunk, Midget
O- One wish: To find a job so I can stay in the US
P- Phobia: Roaches, creepy crawly things
Q- Quote: "Not everything is wrong. Even a broken clock is right two times a day."
R- Reasons to smile: Hanging out with friends, heat, music, being outside in good weather
S- Shoe size: 5, 5 1/2
T- Time you woke up today: I haven't slept yet but I got out of bed around 11am Monday morning
U- Unknown fact about me: I used to cut my Barbie's hair thinking it'd regrow
V- Vegetables: My favorites are carrots and spinach. I hate brussel sprouts.
W- Worst Habit: Procrastination.
X- X-rays you've had: Both ankles, chest (for TB)
Y - Years since you've been to church/synogogue: My family is Muslim. But I did visit a church for a class assignment in 2007...
Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini!!!!
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I know when we're angry our filter between thoughts and mouth can get really porous. (I think it's harder to forgive someone for hurting you and insulting you when they've actually thought it through.)

I also know that most people react very badly when they think they're being emotionally manipulated or blackmailed or threatened or given an ultimatum.

I got reminded of something when I looking up old emails with someone. I was trying to find a link they had sent about their volunteer work and found part of the following email. For some reason, until I reread this email, I had completely forgotten Nathaniel, in a response to thinking I was threatening him with cutting myself unless he kept his promises, told me to "fucking cut [myself] you bitch".

I don't like emotional blackmail, doing it or being a recipient of it. I had hoped I would keep my issues down enough that my partner wouldn't feel that way or that they'd give me enough credit to at least try to tell me if they're upset even though they know I don't respond very well to stressful situations. 2008 was the year I got sick, couldn't keep down food and lost weight to 79lbs. It took me the winter break between 2008 and 2009 to weigh more than 90lbs. I can see it from the other person's perspective, too. That even if the mentally ill/mentally unstable person didn't explicitly threaten, you're aware of the risk of saying something they're not quite ready to handle with but you can't hold in anymore and they react in a self-harming way so sometimes you censor yourself. But you also don't want to be held hostage to it.

I got really upset when I read the email I wrote my friend and the chat log (I use AIM through GMail). I called Matt and asked him if he'd ever felt like I was emotionally blackmailing him or he felt pressured or threatened or obligated in any way due to my self-harm. He said he's aware that I've gotten back to self-harming in moments of high distress, how can he not be aware of it, but also that he doesn't spare me. We had a big argument Saturday night - spent hours on the phone - and he said he didn't spare me then and he thinks I would have been insulted if I knew he was thinking of sparing me or have in the past. I would have, if I had known. He said he was aware of the risk that I may cut during/after the argument (not going to lie, I thought about it) but we had to fight out the issue. We're fine now and he's coming up tomorrow. :) But, yes, I'm glad he didn't spare me.

We've had several low blows in our 2-year relationship but nothing to that degree, I think, where we really prick into the other's sensitivities and vulnerabilities. We both can use sarcasm. It may still come and slip out. And if it does, well, I know that'd really hurt. It hurts anytime. But I really hope, even in the red-hot moment of rage, that I'd have enough self-control to not reach in that bag of "really really sensitive stuff almost to the point of unforgivable or forgivable only after a looooong time." Or I'd even forget what his sensitivities were and just fight about whatever we were fighting and try to put the blame all on his side. >_<

Way back in February 2008 )
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I wonder about those who wait for the male/girl/other person to ask them out. If I'm interested in someone in any way, I let them know explicitly unless I know they're with someone else, are interested in someone else or for some other reason can't be with me.

Rambles about relationships in general )

I was anxious and verging on hysteria earlier about homework and stuff, and I took some clonazepam. I still feel anxious. Took a while before I started crying after taking it. And now I feel dizzy. too. Bad. The dizzines could be from sleep deprivation...


Feb. 1st, 2011 05:01 pm
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Bad love stories happen to everybody, and anybody.

(Though I love that icon.)
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Because I need a break from the studying and writing:





Flexible (able to compromise, not rigid. I don't mean gymnastics-flexible!). 

Passionate (about something, anything, even if I don't understand why or am not passionate about it myself).
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I linked to this article "Women announced suicide on Facebook, no one helped" on my Facebook profile. 

I got a very, very despicable answer.

A person on my profile replied "she sucks" on it, to which I responded "Excuse me?" 

His response, after deleting his original post "she sucks" was:

"Yeah she's weak and doesn't know how to deal with her problems like an adult. That's some emo myspace shit."

Oh, that asshole.  I read the post and responded on my mobile phone.  That...asshole. 

I responded with

"So you wrote "she sucks" as your initial response to the post, erased it, then comes back with saying she's weak? Because she committed suicide/attempted it at all, or because she wrote a suicide note online?
I think it's despicable others ...taunted her or made fun of her and didn't take her seriously. I think it's sad that her only friends who asked for her address were those who didn't live nearby and those who seemed to know didn't do anything. Someone saying they'll kill themselves is serious, especially if they seem specific about how and/or when.
There are people who threaten suicide or self-harm to emotionally manipulate people, I've met them or heard of them, but every instance should still be taken seriously. Even if only to show people that their statement is taken seriously, be they seriously suicidal or emotionally manipulative."

It's sooo infuriating, reading his comments.  
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A few weeks ago I got hooked onto this song. I hadn't heard it before, but I saw an article saying there would be a "sequel" to Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna. Never heard of this song, so I hunted it down after reading the article. The sequel would be on Rihanna's outcoming album with her singing most of the lyrics and Eminem backing her up. Same chorus though.

Eminem's video stars Megan Fox (Transformers) and Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings, FlashForward) as a dysfunctional, violent couple. There are scenes of violence in this video, but it's from both people in the video.

Haunting lyrics
Lyrics )

It's a chilling, scary video. I haven't seen an abusive or toxic relationship in person or known people that well while they were going through an abusive or toxic relationship, but I imagine it might be like this.

Granted, watching this video was what prompted a Facebook status from earlier this month:

"So in cases where (in a heterosexual relationship) the female hits the male first/constantly, I don't think it's violence per se if he tries to restrains her and bruises end up forming..."

I got an interesting anecdote from a friend:
Anecdote )

Yes, if someone is hitting you and they KNOW it (you know, you don't kick a baby down because they're waving their arms around and happen to hit you over and over again but they don't have control over it), you are definitely within your rights to try to restrain them with just enough force to stop them. It doesn't matter if they're female and you're male. And yes, it definitely does suck if the female goes "he held me down" and everybody automatically thinks the man's abusive and she should get away from him, when he had to hold her down because she was punching and hitting him and won't stop if/when he says "Stop!" People are still more geared towards thinking the male in a hetersexual relationship is the violent one, if there has to be a violent partner.

I don't have this song on my iTunes, so I've been replaying it on YouTube over and over again.

A lyrics video of the sequel.

Rihanna Love The Way You Lie - Part 2 [LYRICS on Screen ]

Lyrics )</></>
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Today, when I signed in earlier on MSN/Live Messenger, the article "8 Reasons He Cheats" was featured. After yesterday's article, this one was an additional shock to the memory system. Much hate. Hate.
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I woke up at 10:30am or so, and decided to go to the gym early. I didn't want to run into the Upward Bound group again because I got self-conscious last time around them. It's a little embarrassing realizing females far younger than me can lift weights far, far heavier than me. I realize it's body build and mass, and how long they've been doing weights/training exercises/exercising in general that matter more than age, but I still find it embarrassing... So far those 2 peanut butter sandwiches has held me through the workout. I'm nearly done with the peanut butter. Need to buy more. Yay, Jif extra crunchy peanut butter! Smooth is just too...smooth for me... Not zest, no feeling that you're eating something awesome and nutty when you're eating smooth. At least with peanut butter I like texture.

Ended up working out for about 1hr15mins. Got close to my personal best on the mile run. :D Yay. Though I bet if I had to run two miles, my average pace would be up in the 11mins/mile.  I'm stinking up the college library right now because I'm meeting someone at 1:30pm. I can't squeeze the trips to and from the apt/college library + shower in under 30 minutes. (I will get peeved if she's radically late, though.)

My stomach's growling, not surprising. I can't wait to cook something/eat something. Ramen with eggs and veggies? Pasta with chicken and tomato and basil sauce (assuming the sauce hasn't gone bad)? I still have to finish a public library book - The Verbally Abusive Relationship which was due yesterday. I had a hard time focusing on it yesterday because I can't read/work well under time pressure. Drrr. I would've liked to jot down some of the notes from the book, but I'll have to speed-read it, write a brief cursory review then return it. Damn me for my non-focus beforehand and underestimating how long it'll take me to read books/watch DVD's.

Log )

My mind is going all over the place. I'm really, really hungry... I hope she arrives soon...
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This question is very ambiguous. I fall in love with my boyfriend repeatedly. The love is steady, it's there, calm and reassuring like a nice warm sunny day, but sometimes there are those...breathless "oh, wow" moments. Those times when I blink and I'm speechless and...yeah, I literally go "oh, wow" and sometimes I actually tell him "I just fell in love with you again." At least I'm pretty sure I have. (I have a lot of imaginary conversations so telling them apart from real ones is difficult, at times.) Ah, yes, like waves of love, or, to continue with my sunny day metaphor, like a really strong breeze that makes you even more glad you're outside and draws your attention outside from where it was (usually a book for me, or my inner thoughts) and makes you realize how damn beautiful it is outside and how lucky you are you're basking some place warm and safe without war or famine going around you.

(Wow, I cannot write romantic thoughts without bringing in downers.)

So, in that interpretation I bloody hell think it's possible to fall in love with the same person twice in a lifetime. Or darnit, more than twice.

I also think there's a difference between being "in love" with someone and "loving" them. The distinct is mostly romantic vs. platonic, in my mind. I love Kyle, my best friend and a former boyfriend, a lot but I'm not in love with him. I love some very close female friends, but I'm not in love with them. I consider Matt a friend, so I love him, and I consider him my lover, so I'm in love with him, too.

It seems, however, that this question is asking about people you were in a relationship with, then had a concrete break up, and now wondering if you could fall in love with them again.

More! )

Wow, I am so not coherent today.
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Cluster C!

Cluster C: Anxious, Withdrawn, and Needy Partners


Cluster C )
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Under the LJ-cut are the notes I took from Crazy Love, in case anybody's interested in personality disorders


Notes, Cluster A and B )

I cannot wait until my class next semester! Also, sorry for the formatting. It's copy-and-paste from Word.
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This was the topic of my first speech for Introduction to Public Speaking class! I started it during the spring 2009 semester, before I dropped out.

It's very simple. I know. The professor commented that my first draft was not explicit enough, nor did it "show" my personality/let the audience know about me through my superpower choice so... I made it very blunt. I got 49/50 for the speech, too! Kyle and Matt helped me rewrite it and listen to me the night before. :D :D Good memories of that night. It's really awesome when your best friend and boyfriend/significant other are friends. :D

I do tell people when I like them, but only when I'm confident they like me, too. Actually...well, that part of the speech was very simplistic. Ever since that 8th grade situation, I've been lucky enough to have the people I was interested in reciprocate it. (Of course, after we got together was another story. The reasons for break-ups were multitudes. I remember my first boyfriend pretending to like my best friend so I would give up on him and realize he didn't want me back. >_>) So when I was relatively sure they liked me, too, and weren't just touchy-feely friends, I've told quite a few of them I liked them/wanted to date/be steady. With Matt, it was pretty obvious, and he told me. :-D That night was Study Night #2 for Biometrics for us and the final was the next day. It was hilarious how similar our answers/marks were for past exams so we couldn't really fill out the blanks/unknown stuff for a few things! *laughs* But yeah...that night he was very forthright and very considerate.

Introductory Speech – My Chosen Superpower

Bonjour. Ni hao. Assalamualaikum. Privet. Namaste. Konnichi wa. Hello.

These are but a few ways of greeting someone. It’s language, communication, connection. To instantly know every verbal language on Earth. All dialects included. To understand all body language. This is what I want. This is my superpower. I’m terrible at communicating. What’s the point of a superpower if it can’t give me something I lack?

I’ve lived in Malaysia, the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam and Romania. Whenever someone asks “How many languages do you know?” I must reply with “Only English fluently.” I knew a few Romanian and Vietnamese phrases but nothing beyond a tourist’s scope. I feel the deficiency of language strongly. I’ve felt this for more than a decade.

I knew Malay when I was younger. Learning English forced it from my mind when I was about five years old, though. I can understand conversational Malay but responding or writing in kind is beyond me. I’m embarrassed when I visit my grandparents and relatives who don’t know English. My parents have to translate for us. My relatives are strangers to me and I to them. This lack of language can be such a block. Even gesturing doesn’t get much across.

I’m very blunt and unperceptive. I love facts. I did much better during my sciences classes than my drama courses in high school. Subtlety escapes me. This was illustrated during a mortifying field trip. I thought the way a classmate behaved indicated he liked me but he actually didn’t. Unfortunately I told him on the first day of a week traveling together. This is one of many such experiences. This incident has made me reluctant to express my romantic feelings unless the other person expresses his first.

After I graduate from Beloit, I want to see more of the world, but on my own terms. Traveling for my own sake would be fabulous instead of following my dad’s diplomatic postings. I like knowing people with different lifestyles and backgrounds from my own. I’ve met many such people in Beloit. Better still to meet them in their native country and speak their native tongue.

I chose Beloit because a second language isn’t a graduation requirement. That’s how much language is a problem for me. I wish I could understand people who matter in my life or who might in the future. My superpower fulfills this wish.

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3 C's )

From this article which is an excerpt from a book. I've never seen an episode of Bravo TV's "The Millionaire Matchmaker." So I don't know how reliable she is.

But this seems common sense. Or perhaps that's just hindsight and experience talking. I think when I was younger, I didn't give much heed to the communication part about resolving arguments or being able to state your feelings without feeling judged. And some parts of compatibility. I think I assumed if we can talk on the phone for hours about likes and dislikes, that ease will automatically apply to all types of communication we need, including deeper things. Hmmm.


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:40 pm
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I really hope a lot of people answer this. I'm curious what others would think. (And I apologize for gender bias/stereotyping and simplicity.)

Imagine there is a woman has been severely abused, mentally, emotionally, physically, in a marriage with someone who is a narcissistic alcoholic. A child came from this marriage that she loves with her life, and because of this child, she was willing to escape the marriage despite the fear of the new, unknown and threats. She endures going through the law to have the husband put in jail. Afterwards, on recovery and learning to be strong by herself, she makes a lot of friends and meets a man who is willing to be her partner, and there is mutual love and care between them.

Imagine this woman is suddenly, for some unforeseen reason, sent back in time to before she met her abusive husband. Do you think she should go through the abusive courtship and marriage in order to procreate this future child she loved/loves? In order to meet her new partner in that particular time frame, and her new friends?

I know this is bare-bones and you might ask how deeply she loved her child and her new partner and such, but this is more about self-love/self-worth and results of choices that may have happy ending... Is it worth going through this a second time (even if the first time was in her memory), the self-degradation, the pain, because she knows what it'll result in? Or is it not? Is it worth it, knowing that if it wasn't her, another woman would likely would be abused by him, and she may not have the strength to try to remove him from society through the law? Is it worth it, or is the memories of how to be a stronger and independent woman enough to forsake that life and hope she can build another happier one? Are other people's responsibilities and happiness enough to balance against your own and possibly overcome it? (And you would remember everything from the "first" life, too.)

It's confusing - I don't know how to phrase all the questions I have inside. I know I can do this better in an interactive conversation.



Feb. 4th, 2009 02:10 am
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The Alt-Text says "... okay, but because you said that, we're breaking up."

Seen here at XKCD.


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