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Ticket, Please

What is your favorite vacation spot in the world and why do you love it so much -- is it the activities, the people, the sheer beauty, etc? Would you live there full time if you could, or do you prefer to keep it as a special treat?


 I wish I do have a favorite vacation spot in the world.  I've never visited any one place often enough (that wasn't my home country) to count as a 'vacation spot.' There have been vacations I've enjoyed but never that I felt like visiting again.  Well, I visited a friend once in Spokane and that was a delightful visit.  Horsies.  Kitties.  Doggie.  (Yes, I become infantile when horsies are around.)  I'd like to see her again, before I leave...  But I guess I wouldn't consider it a "vacation" spot but rather a place and person I loved visiting and would love to see again...  
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My cynicism is in full-bloom right now.

I wonder what the original questioner wrote as an answer...

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This morning. I woke at 5:30am. Made chicken-flavored ramen with eggs and broccoli.

Edit: I misread this was "What was your last meal?" Not what would be my last meal if I knew when I was to die. :P

My last meal would be my mom's laksa and her sambal ikan bilis with rice, and the fruit mangosteen. (Assuming she was alive, of course.) If she wasn't..... A good hearty steak. With hot sauce. And some other Malaysian food.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Dear you,

It's been more than a decade since we last saw each other in person. Or even spoken online. We're Facebook acquaintances but I rarely comment on your profile/pictures and you rarely on mine. If ever we have.

Wow, that makes Facebook friendship feature even creepier. Yet useful. But I'd prefer if I could see it for myself and friends instead of third-parties seeing connections, too.

Just checked. No comments, wall posts. Just 3 likes in common. And we've been friends since June 2007. Not even the random, out-of-the-blue birthday posts. Your birthday was last week. I haven't wished anybody on Facebook happy birthday in the past few weeks, but we've never wished each other happy birthday.

Regarding the past, I wasn't nice to you that day. I snapped and didn't keep control of what I said or how I said it. Remembering how you looked and the formal civility between us in the ensuing two years...

I'm sorry I wasn't appreciative of your situation at that time, nor sensitive. I should've been sensitive and developed some empathy by that time in our lives. We were in elementary school and children can be cruel, but children can also be very open-hearted and generous and I wasn't with you, then. I also should have been sensitive because that's part of who we are. Because of how I reacted, I am more sensitive about being in your position and my position in the past years.

I don't know if you think about it. I don't know if it made a big impact on your psyche. I don't know if you even remember it. I was wrong and rude.

I'm sorry.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]In not particular order of importance or priority but just done chronologically for simplicity's sake,

1) The Giver by Lois Lowry. I had moved in the middle of 4th grade to another school, another country and my home room teacher read to us every week. Two other books she read was Hatchet by Gary Paulsen which I didn't particularly enjoy and So Far From the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins  which I also adored. The Giver stuck in my mind because it was the first dystopian book I knew of and the writing was so simple but it raised all these questions about ways of living, conformity, pain, love, humanity, whether or not breaking the rules for the "greater good" (or so) was worth it, interacting with other people, independence. Every time a teacher hands out a survey asking for our favorite book, I write down The Giver, even in college. I do think almost everybody would find something in there that resonates with them, even if they are totally for conformity or live in a strict culture/community. I wasn't a big fan of the two sequels, but they did complete the story.

2) The first six books of Piers Anthony's eight-book Incarnations of Immortality series. In this series there are various offices of life and normal people are invited to take the office. On a Pale Horse is about Death, Bearing an Hourglass Time, With a Tangled Skein the three Aspects of Fate, Wielding a Red Sword about War, Being a Green Mother about Mother Nature, and For the Love of Evil about the office of Satan (book 7 about the office of God). The stories are intertwined, all the main characters affect or touch upon the world and work of the other Aspects by love or family. It's not confusing, though, if read in a series. It's set in a world where magic and science co-exist.

The reason I loved the first five books was because it really opened my mind to possible society and interactions between people. But grown-up interactions, which The Giver doesn't cover. While at the time - I was 13-15 years old - I wasn't experienced with relationships and physical intimacy, it gave me something to think. Also, thinking of Death, Nature, Fate, Time, War and Satan as mutable offices was fascinating, since I was raised in an organized religion household. I suppose my parents wouldn't be happy knowing that, yes, books were a factor in my growing doubts about the religion they raised me.

3) Mmmmm... I would have to say the series The Mage Storms by Mercedes Lackey. They definitely weren't the first books by Lackey I read but they reinforced the idea that competing, conflicting and multiple religions can co-exist on one world/one plane of reality without too much bloodshed. Also that old feuding nations can work together. Storm Warning, Storm Rising and Storm Breaking center on very powerful magical storms disrupting and changing magic and the physical world, as a consequence of magical devices used centuries ago. Ambassadors and envoys from different nations and rivals with different religious beliefs come together to face the storms and try to find a way to divert them or protect settlements. There's also the factor of an army in Hardorn, the neighboring country to Valdemar (with their Companions) and possibly threatening Valdemar. Also, old enemies rear their heads up.

I'm not very good at describing the plot.... At that time I believed in tolerance for religion but it was hard to feel it because of my family so it was nice to see it played out in series and in a way that made freaking sense. I still don't believe in a religion but I hope there aren't multiple supernatural beings who truly believe we should kill others for their beliefs and non-belief in them...
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For some people, an American film is a foreign film.


And no, I don't think there should be American remakes of any films. I got pissed off when I saw news of American remakes of good films like Let the Right One In, Shutter and One Missed Call. 
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"Fairest one of all" seems like it's linked to Snow White's crazy queen stepmother. So I'm assuming they're asking about physical stuff? 

I wouldn't change my smile. I wish my teeth were straighter and whiter, but I wouldn't change the overall smile. When it's sincere, it's blatantly sincere and it does the crinkling-eyes thing. Duchenne smile, for the win!

As for my personality and/or traits, I guess... My loyalty, if it's given freely. Or, sometimes, being able to see both sides of an argument if I'm not involved. Sometimes that sucks, cause I can unwittingly be the devil's advocate for a friend informing me about a fight when they want support. But other times it's a good thing. Someone once thanked me for bringing them down to Earth after they got really riled up about something, or anxious about something. With my own fights, after I cool down, I can see the other person's perspective usually. Makes for interesting phone calls, sometimes.
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Slutwalk, anybody?
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It was for my International Baccalaureate English class.

I entered that school and program March 2004 and had to play catch up with some classes. Before I came in, they'd finished two books, one of which was Like Water for Chocolate.

We watched the film adaptation. I don't remember if it was in 11th or 12th grade but, my goodness, I hated the movie. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. I didn't like the book that much, either. Granted, Like Water for Chocolate and One Hundred Years of Solitude (I came in the middle of that book) were my first introduction to magical realism, but...gah. Like Water for Chocolate, the movie,  was just horrifyingly heinous.

Maybe if I had been there for the book discussion I would have enjoyed it before, or gotten more out of the experience like I did for One Hundred Years. I don't know. If I have a choice I will never watch that movie again, or read the book. Why do people like it (the book and/or the movie) so much...
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Pageant answer: World peace.

Personal answer: Tolerance and not believing their world view or perspective is completely right (religion, politics, relationships, financial matters, anything) to the point of needing to hurt other people, physically or mentally or emotionally, in order to change their mind. Not to say that everybody shouldn't have their own opinions, but that "being right" isn't worth harming others.

The next thing that popped in mind was: clean water for everybody. Yeah, clean and bountiful water for everybody to drink and wash in and wash their clothes with.
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Ew, no.

If I had the ability to hear people's thoughts but could turn it off and tell others about it, maybe. Always useful in moments of wanting to know if someone's bullshitting to you. Or when you're haggling for a lower price in the market, to see the lowest the seller would be willing to go! :D If I was civic-minded and society was built in such a way that mind-readers were useful to law enforcement, maybe.

But targeted to one or two people, with no mute or off switch and no telling? Fuck, no.
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Any of the junk foods in my room.  Fruit Roll Up, any kind of chocolate candy/bar, Rice Krispies, Chewy Bars, chips, Doritoes, sometimes popcorn though the time and effort needed to make it makes me more likely to dive towards something already ready.

If I was back home and my mom had coincidentally made laksa that same day, I'd be eating 2-3 bowls of it. Maybe more. If I was back home, I'd also probably eat whatever tropical fruit was in season (barring non-favorites).
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Because I need a break from the studying and writing:





Flexible (able to compromise, not rigid. I don't mean gymnastics-flexible!). 

Passionate (about something, anything, even if I don't understand why or am not passionate about it myself).
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In some countries/areas, the work week is from Sunday to Thursday.  Like Bahrain and Bangladesh.  There are also other weekends worldwide which do not include Sunday. 

Me on Saturday-Sunday weekend schedule:  Sleep in.  More so if it's cold outside.  I may take a bath if it's warm outside.  But yeah, sleep in is probably my favorite thing to do.  Of course that may lead to feverish homework-doing Sunday evening. 
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Executioner, be it firing squad, hanging, or lethal injection.  Basically killing in cold blood. Bad bad bad.

Edit: I interpreted the question as worst job in the world for me to do, personally, not the worst job in the world ever, abstractly.  
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This question is very ambiguous. I fall in love with my boyfriend repeatedly. The love is steady, it's there, calm and reassuring like a nice warm sunny day, but sometimes there are those...breathless "oh, wow" moments. Those times when I blink and I'm speechless and...yeah, I literally go "oh, wow" and sometimes I actually tell him "I just fell in love with you again." At least I'm pretty sure I have. (I have a lot of imaginary conversations so telling them apart from real ones is difficult, at times.) Ah, yes, like waves of love, or, to continue with my sunny day metaphor, like a really strong breeze that makes you even more glad you're outside and draws your attention outside from where it was (usually a book for me, or my inner thoughts) and makes you realize how damn beautiful it is outside and how lucky you are you're basking some place warm and safe without war or famine going around you.

(Wow, I cannot write romantic thoughts without bringing in downers.)

So, in that interpretation I bloody hell think it's possible to fall in love with the same person twice in a lifetime. Or darnit, more than twice.

I also think there's a difference between being "in love" with someone and "loving" them. The distinct is mostly romantic vs. platonic, in my mind. I love Kyle, my best friend and a former boyfriend, a lot but I'm not in love with him. I love some very close female friends, but I'm not in love with them. I consider Matt a friend, so I love him, and I consider him my lover, so I'm in love with him, too.

It seems, however, that this question is asking about people you were in a relationship with, then had a concrete break up, and now wondering if you could fall in love with them again.

More! )

Wow, I am so not coherent today.
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Do books count? I'm not a hardcore first edition collector, but I do have several limited editions of books, like Melinda by Neil Gaiman and Dagmara Matuzak, or J.K. Rowling's The Tales of Beedle the Bard and the signed limited edition of Tori's Comic Book Tattoo (well, not really by her, more like 50-ish short comics inspired by her songs, but she signed it). I also have several books signed by Neil Gaiman, either I bought online or one someone I knew mailed to me during his Graveyard Book tour. I also have every book of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, scattered in different countries they may be. One of them is signed (Naamah's Kiss) and her upcoming one is going to be personalized (Naamah's Curse).

But no, I'm not a serious collector in anything. I move too often, I'm too poor and I guess I'm not passionate enough about one thing or another. I'd like to be a collector of Audrey Kawasaki's art, or Nene Thomas's, but Audrey's prints are way too expensive for the likes of me, and also the constant moving hurts with the packing of the prints.
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Past five years...So since 2005, when I was still in Romania, 19 years old...

The biggest major life change.... (And this phrase seems redundant to me.)

Hard choice to make. Probably choosing to go to Beloit College and going from an established biochemistry major to a pilot self-designed interdisciplinary major of Cognitive Science. So far it's a positive change, though it's been official only for a week! During the years since starting college I struggled with academics, dropped out school mid-semesters twice (and plane tickets back home to Romania and Malaysia are expensive), and made some really bad choices until I (hopefully) got my shit together and decided to make a major that would make me happy, and allow me to take classes I was/will be interested in.

There are other contenders, but this seems the "biggest major" one. (Oh, haha. Pun.)
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I don't have much fictional writing ability. Or any kind of actual writing ability, besides the basic able-to-stream-together-sentences for an essay or letter or whatwhat. I would never be a writing tutor. Grammar is my weakest point, though I think my organization is getting up there, too. Flow -- yeah, that's hard. My mind just jumps around and it's too easy for me to write down what I'm thinking and think the jump is logical to my readers. A returned draft of a psych research experiment showed that! I need to be more explicit and active when writing those kind of papers.

So, no, I would never exchange writing styles permanently. I would never make an author lose their livelihood with my horrid writing style. It's not fair to them.

So if I could temporarily have the writing style of an author I admire, it would be Jacqueline Carey. I really admire Neil Gaiman's stories and books, but I don't know if I'd want to write his genre(s) of stories. I admire Jacqueline Carey's epic fantasy series. I admire the sexual scenes she writes, the depth of the more fleshed-out characters, the interweaving ties within and between books. To be able to write such scenes/books like that, I would be ecstatic. To have strong female characters that aren't stereotyped or one-dimensional, to write morally ambiguous dialogue and events...
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This was the topic of my first speech for Introduction to Public Speaking class! I started it during the spring 2009 semester, before I dropped out.

It's very simple. I know. The professor commented that my first draft was not explicit enough, nor did it "show" my personality/let the audience know about me through my superpower choice so... I made it very blunt. I got 49/50 for the speech, too! Kyle and Matt helped me rewrite it and listen to me the night before. :D :D Good memories of that night. It's really awesome when your best friend and boyfriend/significant other are friends. :D

I do tell people when I like them, but only when I'm confident they like me, too. Actually...well, that part of the speech was very simplistic. Ever since that 8th grade situation, I've been lucky enough to have the people I was interested in reciprocate it. (Of course, after we got together was another story. The reasons for break-ups were multitudes. I remember my first boyfriend pretending to like my best friend so I would give up on him and realize he didn't want me back. >_>) So when I was relatively sure they liked me, too, and weren't just touchy-feely friends, I've told quite a few of them I liked them/wanted to date/be steady. With Matt, it was pretty obvious, and he told me. :-D That night was Study Night #2 for Biometrics for us and the final was the next day. It was hilarious how similar our answers/marks were for past exams so we couldn't really fill out the blanks/unknown stuff for a few things! *laughs* But yeah...that night he was very forthright and very considerate.

Introductory Speech – My Chosen Superpower

Bonjour. Ni hao. Assalamualaikum. Privet. Namaste. Konnichi wa. Hello.

These are but a few ways of greeting someone. It’s language, communication, connection. To instantly know every verbal language on Earth. All dialects included. To understand all body language. This is what I want. This is my superpower. I’m terrible at communicating. What’s the point of a superpower if it can’t give me something I lack?

I’ve lived in Malaysia, the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam and Romania. Whenever someone asks “How many languages do you know?” I must reply with “Only English fluently.” I knew a few Romanian and Vietnamese phrases but nothing beyond a tourist’s scope. I feel the deficiency of language strongly. I’ve felt this for more than a decade.

I knew Malay when I was younger. Learning English forced it from my mind when I was about five years old, though. I can understand conversational Malay but responding or writing in kind is beyond me. I’m embarrassed when I visit my grandparents and relatives who don’t know English. My parents have to translate for us. My relatives are strangers to me and I to them. This lack of language can be such a block. Even gesturing doesn’t get much across.

I’m very blunt and unperceptive. I love facts. I did much better during my sciences classes than my drama courses in high school. Subtlety escapes me. This was illustrated during a mortifying field trip. I thought the way a classmate behaved indicated he liked me but he actually didn’t. Unfortunately I told him on the first day of a week traveling together. This is one of many such experiences. This incident has made me reluctant to express my romantic feelings unless the other person expresses his first.

After I graduate from Beloit, I want to see more of the world, but on my own terms. Traveling for my own sake would be fabulous instead of following my dad’s diplomatic postings. I like knowing people with different lifestyles and backgrounds from my own. I’ve met many such people in Beloit. Better still to meet them in their native country and speak their native tongue.

I chose Beloit because a second language isn’t a graduation requirement. That’s how much language is a problem for me. I wish I could understand people who matter in my life or who might in the future. My superpower fulfills this wish.


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