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When the tickets were released in July I bought two for Matt and myself though I didn't even know if I was still going to be in Chicago for her December 10th concert. I planned on gifting them to someone else if that happened, or putting them up for sale.

Two weeks ago I emailed the other research assistant for my study to ask if we could switch weekend days for the past weekend. I usually work Saturdays and sessions end at 1pm. Tori usually has a Meet & Greet from 2pm to 5pm prior to her concerts. I wanted to sleep in and have time to get ready to wait outside. The other R.A. said okay, but then let me know she couldn't because her schedule changed. I think because of finals.

So I go to the lab Saturday morning and upon looking up Undented's Twitter found out that there wouldn't be a M&G. :-( But I went straight to downtown Chicago nonetheless by myself. Before the concert )

We had a quick dinner at the Halsted St. Diner then went to Macy's. Bridgett and Michael met us there and we got a little lost trying to find men's leather gloves. 3rd floor - not in outerwear, redirected to the 2nd floor and got told it was on the first floor. I got Matt a Christmas gift of some rather nice leather gloves. He has a pair for his sweaty outdoor work like shoveling snow so these will be his driving gloves. I think he could have needed them that day in the morning when he drove me to the lab! After we spent some time in the Chicago Theatre lobby, we went to our separate seats.

I got a text from my former international advisor from Beloit College. This int'l advisor is a big fan of Tori Amos as well, and drove us to my first Tori Amos concert in 2007, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tori's US tour this year was rather brief; she held no concerts in Milwaukee or Detroit like in the past. We hung out briefly while Matt and I kept her company in the souvenir line. I gave her money to buy a T-shirt for me. She wanted the scarf. We went back to our seats for the opening act, the Norweigan artist Thomas Dybdahl. He was okay but I didn't like him as much as Tori Amos's previous two opening acts.

I bought my boyfriend and I seats in a Mezzanine box. It was pretty spiffy. Lots of leg space, which is nice for his 6’5” frame. There are 6 or so people per box. Before the opening act a server (?) came in and asked if we wanted drinks. I didn’t know they did that. I already had my cranberry vodka elsewise I would’ve asked for something, ‘spensive as the drinks are. Matt and I were in box D, seats 1 and 2 so we were against the railing which was rather sweet. Something I hate about being on the floor is that near the end of concerts most people stand up and being the shortie I am, I cannot see over people's ends and that ruins my pleasure of the music. Also, in the boxes, there were a few annoying neighbors but definitely nothing as annoying as past Chicago Theatre times.

The Fab Four, the quartet, were pretty awesome. Tori Amos opened with Shattering Sea. Her setlist from Undented:

Set list )

On the Undented link there's also some videos of her performance from Chicago. I liked Suede and China from the first half but the second half I found more dynamic and familiar. I was teared up from her cover of The Cure's "Love Song." Ever since I heard a recording of her performing it several years ago in Dallas I've been in love with it. Cruel was also fantastic. And Siren. I thought some songs would be lacking without drums or something, but the cello did fantastically as the backbone. Her own performance lasted two hours which was great since her previous performance lasted 1.5 hours. I love that she ended with Big Wheel. She ended that way two years ago, too. :)

Matt rushed us out of the theatre because he thought getting out of the parking lot would be horrible. The lobby was very crowded. We had to wait for the 2nd time the elevator came down. But parking lot itself was actually quite empty. He felt a bit bad about rushing us all for nothing and that he remembered that I had wanted to spend some time hanging out at a bar afterwards and just hanging out. Oh, well.

Sunday I slept most of the day away. That was kind of nice. :D Sunday night I got a little obsessive and made 3 playlists on my iTunes, one for Milwaukee 2007's setlist, Chicago 2009's setlist and Saturday night's setlist. :D
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So I succeeded at fasting the first two days of Ramadan. Monday was surprising. I was asleep most of the day. I think part of that was still recovering from Saturday. Thankfully I didn't push myself too much. Matt had to wake me up when he got back from work and I basically stayed upstairs until the table needed to be set.

I stayed upstairs because I was so damn tempted to forage in the fridge.

Tuesday, I was not that smart or aware. I didn't check weather.com when I left Matt around 1pm, wearing jeans. I walked about 20 mins to the station, and then waited in the sun for the Metra. Then I had to walk a little more at a transfer point between the Metra station and the cta station. Then because the train was so late, it had to run express so I had to get off 3 stops before my stop because it went to express to a few stops behind mine. >_< Of course this stop wasn't shaded... By the time I got back to the apartment 2 hours later I was pooped and quickly disrobed to my undies and fell asleep. I only woke up when Matt called me, asking if I was still there, and when my alarm set for fasting rang. Yay. I found out the day had a heat advisory, too, which explains how hot I felt, but I thought I was just oversensitive because I couldn't damn drink.

Pasta and ice cream, for the win. There were fantastic thunderstorms last night. I went out on the fire escape and got soaked. I loved it. I wish I could have run through that rain with Matt. "Cavort" was the word I used.

Today is the third day of fasting. I'll drink a little each day because I have pills to take 3 times a day, but I'm taking as little as I can.
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Yesterday, Saturday, was Slutwalk Chicago. Several people who said they'd come/were possibly coming didn't get back in touch with me, which was disappointing. Matt did come. He was a bit late, so I walked in the tail-end of the march so he could catch up and find me more easily when he arrived.

It was interesting seeing people's signs and how they dressed up. When I was exiting the Lake station, I was behind a woman in a short strapless leather dress. The bottom of her butt was showing. Walking behind her to the Thompson Center was eye-opening; everybody did a double take and looked at her as she walked by. A man who was walking down the opposite direction changed direction to follow her. *grimace* When we were at the sidewalk across Thompson waiting for the light to change, and she had already crossed, he asked what was happening. Someone told him "Slutwalk Chicago" and he asked what it was. Answers from others ranged from "A protest against rape" "A march against victim blaming" and such. He said "Oh" and didn't cross the street with us. Yes, I inner-sneered at him.

The march started at noon and as I said before, I lagged so Matt could catch up. It was also the same day as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so sidewalks were full and traffic was a mess. I kind of felt bad for the cars and other people who were stuck in traffic because of the run and our protest. A few cars/vans/buses honked in support - the peole inside waved - while others, I'm sure, were annoyed. Thank goodness for the police who directed us all. One thing that was disappointing was that an emergency vehicle needed to cross the street and people in the protest ignored the police telling them to stop to let the emergency vehicle through. :( I wasn't there early enough to get the paper handed out with all the chants they were going to go through. One was "Hi-ho, hi-ho! Sexual violence has got to go!" (Or sexual assault.) There were others but now I don't remember...

After the walk was done, Matt and I stopped by Walgreens to get some sunscreen for him and other stuff for me. Then we walked to Printer's Row to check out the stalls, after getting slushies at the 7-Eleven. I couldn't find a lot of booths there selling graphic novels! :'( Too bad. We sat up against a loong brick wall to catch our breath and then got the idea to head to Border's, to check out more recent books. Along the way I steered him into Forever 21. I tried on some shorts and tops but none really fit me right. When we left Forever 21 the sky was darkening and we remembered there was a thunderstorm forecast. Border's was several blocks away so we ran when we were one block away and the rain started falling.

It was rather peaceful in there. After reading 6 graphic novel volumes there on Friday I was a little worried I wouldn't find things to read at Border's but I found a Spike graphic novel and had some Asimov Foundation novels to reread. :-) Matt joined me sitting on the windowsill next to the Religion section and the storm raged outside. We had something to eat and drink at the Seattle's Best there before we got ready to leave to add to Macy's.

Then Matt discovered his keys were gone.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Frantic key hunt )

It was a very exhausting day. We walked 5 miles in yesterday's weather - high of 91.4 Fahrenheit/33 Celsius. >_< My feet and legs ache so much...
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According to weather.com right now it's 8Celsius/46F (feels like 2Celsius/36F) and the wind is coming from ENE at 58km/h gusting to 80km/h (36mph to 50mph).

We've got wind advisory until 10pm and warning of high pollen count.

I sneezed 5 times in a row walking to class this morning and my nose has been running the entire day. A few times I staggered in the wind; walking in a straight line was hard. I finished my Claritin earlier this year.

I hope people driving are safe, and people walking don't get hit by falling limbs or things moving through the air at high speed. *knocks on wood* I had planned to walk to the library today but that's not happening.

But better this wind than a tornado, I say.
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Queensland, Australia experienced a very bad flood. Two people I know live there, but they are fortunately safe. One of them lives in an area that wasn't badly flooded while another lived in an area that was flooded badly, but they're now staying in another area.

Ten people have been confirmed dead, but it's likely to increase. 78 people are still unaccounted for.

If anybody would care to donate money for disaster relief, here's the link. I know most of my journal friends live in the U.S. even if they're not American. The website does not have PayPal, but uses credit/debit card companies. The donation is in Australia dollars.

1 USD = 1.017 AUD , 1 Great Britain Pound = 1.578 AUD, 1 S'pore $ = 0.784 AUD, 1 Ringgit = 0.331 AUD, 1 S. Korean Won = 0.000905 AUD, 1 Chinese Yuan Renminbi = 0.154 AUD
Sorry if I miss someone's current country residence.

I wish I had realized it was in Australian dollars before I donated. I thought it was like the few others sites I've used that where the site used the user's currency of their current location and then converted it later to the currency of the website's origin country. Now I feel like a cheapskate since I thought the exchange rate was higher between USD and AUD...

On an utterly unrelated note, I have a song stuck in my head. Matt introduced me to it in 2009, and I got him the CD as part of my Christmas gift to him. It's Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" from their Chunk of Change CD. Music ramble )
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Whee, another video update thing! And this time the visuals and audio should be synced up! This was made before 2pm.
Video! )
Now it's 6:22pm and it's storming strongly outside. It started raining on the walk back from the bookstore. Matt huddling under my small (single-person) umbrella with me was rather fun. Especially since he had to walk a bit hunched, holding the umbrella lower so I wouldn't get hit by rain if the umbrella was higher. (What with the height difference of more than 1 foot/30 cm between us!)

I don't think I'll be leaving my room/dorm for the rest of the night. At least I hope not. I have the end of my jeans hanging over my turned-on heater to dry the ends. :-P I got soaked from my knee downwards.

Tonight was pasta pasta pasta night in the cafeteria! Woohooo! Meatballs and garlic bread! :D

On an unrelated note, can I say permutations are very, very confusing!


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