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Ben Hartzell, class of 2010, produced this video that exposes a long-held secret at Beloit College.
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This song "True" by Spandau Ballet -- I've heard it in a lot of movies, but I never knew who the artist was or even the title of the song. 

I borrowed the "Hot Tub Time Machine" soundtrack a few weeks ago. I haven't seen the movie, but I was looking for an artist and the CD popped up on the catalog. When playing the CD for the first time today :P, this song started playing and I went squealing!

Man, one of the best ballads ever!
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It's on Hulu, so sorry it doesn't work overseas! :'(
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A few weeks ago I got hooked onto this song. I hadn't heard it before, but I saw an article saying there would be a "sequel" to Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna. Never heard of this song, so I hunted it down after reading the article. The sequel would be on Rihanna's outcoming album with her singing most of the lyrics and Eminem backing her up. Same chorus though.

Eminem's video stars Megan Fox (Transformers) and Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings, FlashForward) as a dysfunctional, violent couple. There are scenes of violence in this video, but it's from both people in the video.

Haunting lyrics
Lyrics )

It's a chilling, scary video. I haven't seen an abusive or toxic relationship in person or known people that well while they were going through an abusive or toxic relationship, but I imagine it might be like this.

Granted, watching this video was what prompted a Facebook status from earlier this month:

"So in cases where (in a heterosexual relationship) the female hits the male first/constantly, I don't think it's violence per se if he tries to restrains her and bruises end up forming..."

I got an interesting anecdote from a friend:
Anecdote )

Yes, if someone is hitting you and they KNOW it (you know, you don't kick a baby down because they're waving their arms around and happen to hit you over and over again but they don't have control over it), you are definitely within your rights to try to restrain them with just enough force to stop them. It doesn't matter if they're female and you're male. And yes, it definitely does suck if the female goes "he held me down" and everybody automatically thinks the man's abusive and she should get away from him, when he had to hold her down because she was punching and hitting him and won't stop if/when he says "Stop!" People are still more geared towards thinking the male in a hetersexual relationship is the violent one, if there has to be a violent partner.

I don't have this song on my iTunes, so I've been replaying it on YouTube over and over again.

A lyrics video of the sequel.

Rihanna Love The Way You Lie - Part 2 [LYRICS on Screen ]

Lyrics )</></>
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I've only seen one episode of The Office, but I love this song in an office setting

This was rather well-done, too!

Pantlessknights also has a "Jizz In my Pants" parody. The title is a little off-setting, but it's hilarious.

Hilarious they use girls who sell a fake engagement ring so you can use it to rebuff men who approach you in bars and elsewhere. I've done that, before I lost my ring. Heh.
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Though it sounds very complex... I wonder how it's done, if it's real!

"Bad Romance" played on Iowa State Bell Tower

Click here!

Oh! It's real! An Assistant Professor of Music and Theatre, Tim-Shi Tam, was the one playing the bells!
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Rambling about stuff, since I got my World Cup ire out earlier today. (But I know it will resurface later today.)

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My memory card had enough memory for three dances from Alas! Thank goodness, since I asked for for these three to be recorded! These were recorded last night, the second and final night of Alas!

The first one is Christophe's Dance called "Conflict Resolution in D Minor." Music is Paragonx9 by Chaoz Fantasy
The description is : This is a re-enactment of a legendary dance rehearsal in which everybody showed up to rehearsal inebriated. They were uncoordinated, they bumped into each other, and conflict arose. This 'dance' is how they settled their disputes.

It is a fun dance!

This next one is the first of two I'm in. It's called "Incurable" with the song "Mamma Who Bore Me" by Duncan Sheik, from the musical Spring Awakening. The dancer in the middle is a woman who believes she has a baby, but realizes she doesn't. The other 5 dancers are symptoms of the disease/illness she has. (I was Extreme Pain.) I just realized that Ashley and I look similar from a distance. I'm the one who starts out closest to the audience, on the right, with flared out black pants. (Ashley wore black long underwear.)

This is the bellydance called "Arabian Adventure" with the song "Arabian Adventure" by DJ Antoine. The two main figures are a king and queen and the rest are separated into different groups with our own alliances. Originally it was suppose to be another king/gang leader, but he had to drop out so Jennifer (the great dancer with the arm sleeve/glove thing, and our choreographer) took his place.

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This is a song for another dance I'm doing for Alas! The choreographer is going to censor out the swear words, so it's PG. It's a fun dance! :) We do a lot of jumping around for this one. And I get stuffed in a suitcase!! :D :D

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Whee, another video update thing! And this time the visuals and audio should be synced up! This was made before 2pm.
Video! )
Now it's 6:22pm and it's storming strongly outside. It started raining on the walk back from the bookstore. Matt huddling under my small (single-person) umbrella with me was rather fun. Especially since he had to walk a bit hunched, holding the umbrella lower so I wouldn't get hit by rain if the umbrella was higher. (What with the height difference of more than 1 foot/30 cm between us!)

I don't think I'll be leaving my room/dorm for the rest of the night. At least I hope not. I have the end of my jeans hanging over my turned-on heater to dry the ends. :-P I got soaked from my knee downwards.

Tonight was pasta pasta pasta night in the cafeteria! Woohooo! Meatballs and garlic bread! :D

On an unrelated note, can I say permutations are very, very confusing!


Feb. 28th, 2010 04:09 pm
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I tried to record a video last night. It took a long time to upload it up on YouTube. It seemed to be in sync when I played it over on my laptop afterwards, but unfortunately it's wildly out of sync when I uploaded it onto YouTube. :-(  It's kind of disconcerting to watch. But if any of you want to know what I look like or how I sound (even if it is somewhat nauseating to watch) and some of what my room looks like, here you go below!

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This is one clip my AI professor showed during class.

The robot is soooo creepy looking! It's like two people stuck in the machine, one facing forward, the other backward! Or like goats... Bottom half, of course.

It is so impressive.

It apparently has no visual sensors, but since Boston Dynamics made it, they're not big on secrets of manufacturing.


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