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this was taken a few weeks ago in June. This is the edited version.

I don't like having revealing photos taken of when I'm bloated, cramped or nauseous due to my digestive issues. As such a lot more of my abdominal revealing photos have been during my "good" days or lucky timing, rather than when bad days occur, or I rarely show the not-as-flat-as-I-could-be photos to people.

It always makes me hate shopping for jeans or skirts. I have different jeans for my constipated days and for my non-constipated days.


But I do love shopping for tops more, despite my breasts sometimes making that difficult. I find tops with much more variety and fun-ness.
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Ofr the most part, my birthday was really fun. The actual day, Sunday, was quite laid back. Sorted out books, looked at bubbles, dinner, cake and Scrabble. I got 269 points on Scrabble. I played with Matt. Unfortunately we scrambled the letters before I could take a picture of it. I got words like "hex," "ewe," and "viola." I like having to think and put letters in words, in patterns. I like taking pictures of the few Scrabble games I've played. It started New Year's Eve in 2003. We finished all the tiles. That time, the last word was LIMB converted to CLIMB.

There was cake. Matt's family combined the cake. One side said "Happy birthday" in candles and "Happy Dad's Day" on the other side written in fudge/icing. They sang! I blew out the candles! I pulled out the candles! I opeend the card and present! The family (sans Matt) signed the card and I'm pretty sure Matt's mom bought me the gift - earrings. :D Then Matt's dad opened his gift, a tool set, from his sons and read the hand-made cards.

It's a nice tradition they have. Hand made cards for birthdays and Father's and Mother's Days. If I ever have a family, I might want to consider doing that...

Saturday was awesome dinner time. Yeah. Looks at the gratitudes. :P I also went a brief shopping trip, too. I like the clothes I got. Two tops (a tank, anotheer spathetti top), a short white fluffy skirt and a white dress. Matt noticed the claps was broken on the plaid top so ew got off 20% or 25% for damaged merchanidse. Hells yeah. Matt and I set up an appointment to see Clinique for another makeup consultation this Wednesday. Should be amusing when I go.

Friday I saw Stephen Colbert. Unfortunately I can't upload the video I made of *most* of his speech. My memory card got filled. I didn't think beforehand and upload pictures onto my laptop. Shucks. It was at Northwestern, for the big university Commencement. I didn't attend any of the smaller school graduations .
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and it is positively lush.*

I know I was very indecisive about what 2011 calendar to buy, and the ones I saw in the bookstore here weren't captivating to me. I decided to buy Anne Stokes. Unfortunately I didn't decide early enough to buy her signed calendar from her website before it sold out, but I'm happy enough with the regular one from Amazon.com. It shipped from the UK and it got here in great shape and time.

It's so gorgeous.

Pics of cover, back and January )

*The British slang word popped in my mind when I saw the calendar. I think it's fitting considering Anne Stokes is British.
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A few days ago I added a bunch of 2011 wall calendars to my Amazon Wish List. I've been struggling with calendars for the past few weeks and talked about them to people, but didn't have time to really peruse the thousands of online calendars.

The past few years my calendars have been:
Gary Larson's 2007 "The Far Side Gallery: Off the Wall Calendar" -- It was a fun day-by-day calendar and when 2008 rolled around I decorated my dormitory door with my favorite cartoons. Visitors to my room/flor had fun reading my door! I'm really sad The Far Side is in retirement, though there are collections out.

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy Calendar 2008 This is where I got the lady and the water serpent picture that I have up on my door. It's fascinating. I think it was for the month of July.

The Romantic Fantasy Art 2009 Nene Thomas Calendar is where the lady in red and black on my door came from. (Month of October, fittingly.)

For 2010, there is the Dead Moon Luis Royo Calendar. I'm a little eh about this calendar; I'm not sure if there's a month I want to preserve on my dorm door. I'll have to flip through come January.

I'm tempted to buy Nene Thomas's 2011 calendar or Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell again, but a part of me likes that I've had different artists all these past years. The common theme for my wall calendars is fantasy art, though Luis Royo isn't as fantastical, and Nene Thomas isn't as erotic/skin-showing as Vallejo/Bell and Royo.

I have, for potential 2011 calendars,
H.R. Giger (Swiss surealist artist - painter, sculptor, designer- who made the alien in Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, and Korn's microphone stand along with other dark stuff),
Anne Stokes, a British fantasy and gothic artist (I'm using one of her art pieces as my LJ icon),
2011 Alchemy Calendar (I thought the images looked interesting from the back cover),
Amy Brown (I've never seen her art in person, but I've seen tons of Halloween costumes based off her faeries in stores past Octobers),
and When Darkness Falls (not familiar with the artist Tony Mauro, but the back looked interesting. Oh, wow, he also makes official movie posters including The POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl. Though his actual art makes me uncomfortable because it's actual women in such erotic poses and not drawn females be it painting or digital... I know some of his art work might seem similar to Royo's pieces I've seen but a part of me just backs away from the actual human element...).

If Linda Bergkvist ever put out a calendar, I'd snap it up immediately. Or Audrey Kawasaki. :P

... I started this entry at 11am and it's already an hour later. My focus and mind is not strong. Such pretty art and lots of distractions!
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Do books count? I'm not a hardcore first edition collector, but I do have several limited editions of books, like Melinda by Neil Gaiman and Dagmara Matuzak, or J.K. Rowling's The Tales of Beedle the Bard and the signed limited edition of Tori's Comic Book Tattoo (well, not really by her, more like 50-ish short comics inspired by her songs, but she signed it). I also have several books signed by Neil Gaiman, either I bought online or one someone I knew mailed to me during his Graveyard Book tour. I also have every book of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, scattered in different countries they may be. One of them is signed (Naamah's Kiss) and her upcoming one is going to be personalized (Naamah's Curse).

But no, I'm not a serious collector in anything. I move too often, I'm too poor and I guess I'm not passionate enough about one thing or another. I'd like to be a collector of Audrey Kawasaki's art, or Nene Thomas's, but Audrey's prints are way too expensive for the likes of me, and also the constant moving hurts with the packing of the prints.
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Beauty )

It's called "Yuuwaku" and by Audrey Kawasaki. She has an LJ, at [livejournal.com profile] i_seldom_do.
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I saw "Wanted" earlier today (Tuesday night here) and it was so-so. Perhaps some spoilers? )

I also bought something floral. It’s a black-and-white jacket. I’ll probably take pictures of it/me wearing it later. I hope I can go to my friend’s party next week!

I have finished Grotesque and I don't think I will be able to clearly articulate how I feel about it. On Goodreads.com I put the books on my shelves of "Psychology," "Mystery-Crime," "Foreign/translated lit" and "Society/Culture" because it does encompass all this, even as a work of fiction. Or perhaps especially as a work of fiction. This book is told through first-person narratives. There's the initial unnamed narrator who is half Japanese-half Swiss. This story takes place in Japan, though some characters look to their past to events in China or Switzerland. Her younger sister, Yuriko, is "monstrously beautiful." There's also Kazue Sato, a classmate of the first narrator (UN for "unnamed narrator") in Q High School for Young Women, which is a competitive high school. It turns out Yuriko and Kazue are both murdered after becoming prostitutes, and about twenty years after they were all in Q High School for Young Women. The story is told through UN's narration, as though she's speaking to us, Yuriko's journal (after her death), the accused man's writings of his "crimes" and Kazue's own journals (after her death). All the journals were given to UN after the murders and part of her "showing" to "us" what she knows. There are other characters who influence the plot, as well.

“Thoughts” )

Quotes about rules, prostitution and relationships )

I particularly like the one about science. :P Kidding.

I should go and pack up for my hospital visit tomorrow. I may stay until Friday if the surgery is needed, if not I’ll be back later Wednesday, I think.


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