Aug. 22nd, 2012 10:45 pm
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I've never seen Adventure Time but Matt and his brother are big fans of it. Upon unpacking my luggage I found out I accidentally packed Matt's B-Mo shirt! The day before I left I had done a pile of laundry and since my dirty clothes were too small for me to justify running it and using all that water and detergent and electricity, I added some of his clothes. I thought I had sorted them out afterwards, upon the folding of said clothes, but I guess not!

He wore this shirt one day in Vegas and got a lot of comments from others! Unsurprisingly, the comments were mainly made in Excalibur or the Luxor, and the comments were mainly from kids and teenagers and young adults.

I've worn it several times to sleep so here's the shirt after a shower in the late afternoon. It's quite big on me.

And a close up!B-Mo shirt! )

When I first saw the shirt, I thought it was some kind of Nintendo character or something. I was semi-close!
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Wore my ears while packing. it's therapeutic. Happier memories, when leaving wasn't something we thought of.

Now we're struggling with Catharine. She's a hard one to pass by and she's an icy bitch right now. In a wedding dress.

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flight tomorrow to Vegas. I'm in a neck brace. here's hoping 24 hours is enough. (pinched nerve, apparently)

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Three years

Mar. 8th, 2012 07:33 pm
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Yesterday, March 7, 2012, was three years for Matt and I. Exclusively. We dated for several months beforehand.

Photo montage!

Boop )

I think we took a picture last night but I haven't the foggiest idea where my camera is. >_< I don't even remember what we did our first year anniversary. Mmmm...
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I generally don't wear pinks or light greens or light purples or light anything. And I generally don't wear non-chromatic anything. But a friend gave me a fleece-lined hoodie a few year and it's awesomely warm. However, it is pink, purple, green, yellow.

I love making goofy faces.

This hoodie is quickly becoming a winter favorite. Not really for the outdoors but more indoors, after I get out of the work clothes.
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Trivially, I miss having access to a gym. Summer 2010 I worked out several times a week, with weights mostly. The following academic year there I didn't work out much at all. The previous academic years I didn't exercise at all.

I know I lack the will-power to exercise now. I haven't done any since graduating. There have been no stretches, resistance training, warm-ups. I've done about a week's worth of warm up stretches when I had intense back pain, for rehab purposes. I did one or two days of exercises with Matt. I use the excuse of not having access to a gym, not having money for a gym membership, the cold weather, the busy schedule, not having enough sleep, to not do any serious exercise.

I know some people prefer a more spontaneous and explosive work out, such as Zumba (I believe it's like dancing?) or running outside or basketball. I wouldn't mind basketball, but I like working out in a gym, by myself. With my mp3 music. It's a time to reflect and just lose myself in the music, in the muscles, in my breath. I can be alone with a book, watching something, and my mind is somewhat quiet, but it's not quite the same.

I miss the little extra strength I had a year and a hall. That summer my digestive issues weren't as bad, either, for whatever reason. I think I had more carrots and fruits, and water. That BRITA filter saved my life. I miss having abdominal muscles that show. I do miss looking how I did when we went to Disney World...

Picture )
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this was taken a few weeks ago in June. This is the edited version.

I don't like having revealing photos taken of when I'm bloated, cramped or nauseous due to my digestive issues. As such a lot more of my abdominal revealing photos have been during my "good" days or lucky timing, rather than when bad days occur, or I rarely show the not-as-flat-as-I-could-be photos to people.

It always makes me hate shopping for jeans or skirts. I have different jeans for my constipated days and for my non-constipated days.


But I do love shopping for tops more, despite my breasts sometimes making that difficult. I find tops with much more variety and fun-ness.
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"Fairest one of all" seems like it's linked to Snow White's crazy queen stepmother. So I'm assuming they're asking about physical stuff? 

I wouldn't change my smile. I wish my teeth were straighter and whiter, but I wouldn't change the overall smile. When it's sincere, it's blatantly sincere and it does the crinkling-eyes thing. Duchenne smile, for the win!

As for my personality and/or traits, I guess... My loyalty, if it's given freely. Or, sometimes, being able to see both sides of an argument if I'm not involved. Sometimes that sucks, cause I can unwittingly be the devil's advocate for a friend informing me about a fight when they want support. But other times it's a good thing. Someone once thanked me for bringing them down to Earth after they got really riled up about something, or anxious about something. With my own fights, after I cool down, I can see the other person's perspective usually. Makes for interesting phone calls, sometimes.
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Slutwalk Chicago was on June 4. Some photos! The full album on Facebook is available here.

Other people's posters:
They were pretty awesome )

Me and Matt holding an extra poster someone gave me:
"STOP RAPISTS, NOT self-expression"

After the march )

A pretty cool outfit someone wore:
At the Plaza afterwards )

Matt and me at Printer's Lit Fest
D'awww )
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the professional photographers during our commencement.

I print screened the ones they took of me. I'm reluctant to order any, though I do like the first and second more than the third. In the second picture it was after I salam-ed our President. (They're in reverse chronology.)


Two more pics )

More pics!

May. 16th, 2011 01:54 pm
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Pics )

With my diploma!

My national costume

*sigh* )
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Double smiley!
(Source: inventoradeamores)

To brighten up people's day!
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Saturday I and others left campus at 7:30am to drive up to Madison for practice GRE/GMAT/MCAT/other tests held by Kaplan. For the GRE, it was done on paper, and only the verbal and quantitative sections, no writing. But we did get back our results back quickly and, well, I did horrendously. No surprise considering my last math class was calculus II in 2007. Three long years... I guessed so many questions (more than 2/3 of the ones given). I didn't practice beforehand...

Aftewards, the GRE folk were done much earlier than the MCAT people so we had time to wander around Madison. Needless to say, I and another person I knew acquaintance-like walked down State Street towards the Capitol.

This is my first protest. I've signed petitions before, but never participated in nor observed one. I didn't walk in it, because I wasn't sure how much time we'd have left, but I clapped and hoped having one more body there helped. It was pretty amazing seeing the diversity of people there, and not just from Madison or Wisconsin.

Later in the van going back to campus, some people mentioned seeing a "Scotty doesn't know" sign which was hilarious. Wish I had seen that.

Pictures )

I wish I had a video camera for the chants and songs, too.

And I'm a little pissed the House voted for Planned Parenthood to get its funding canceled. Shit heads.
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and it is positively lush.*

I know I was very indecisive about what 2011 calendar to buy, and the ones I saw in the bookstore here weren't captivating to me. I decided to buy Anne Stokes. Unfortunately I didn't decide early enough to buy her signed calendar from her website before it sold out, but I'm happy enough with the regular one from Amazon.com. It shipped from the UK and it got here in great shape and time.

It's so gorgeous.

Pics of cover, back and January )

*The British slang word popped in my mind when I saw the calendar. I think it's fitting considering Anne Stokes is British.


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