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I can't wait until your Gold Dust album comes out! 

I haven't bought a ticket for your concert here in Warsaw in October.  For one, not sure how to get there, for another I'll be going alone, and for third, it's before my GRE and I didn't exactly study as much as I should have and did as well as I could have for my previous GRE.

Four photos from her Gold Dust photoshoot seen here.

A teaser

Can't believe she's 49 years old!
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When the tickets were released in July I bought two for Matt and myself though I didn't even know if I was still going to be in Chicago for her December 10th concert. I planned on gifting them to someone else if that happened, or putting them up for sale.

Two weeks ago I emailed the other research assistant for my study to ask if we could switch weekend days for the past weekend. I usually work Saturdays and sessions end at 1pm. Tori usually has a Meet & Greet from 2pm to 5pm prior to her concerts. I wanted to sleep in and have time to get ready to wait outside. The other R.A. said okay, but then let me know she couldn't because her schedule changed. I think because of finals.

So I go to the lab Saturday morning and upon looking up Undented's Twitter found out that there wouldn't be a M&G. :-( But I went straight to downtown Chicago nonetheless by myself. Before the concert )

We had a quick dinner at the Halsted St. Diner then went to Macy's. Bridgett and Michael met us there and we got a little lost trying to find men's leather gloves. 3rd floor - not in outerwear, redirected to the 2nd floor and got told it was on the first floor. I got Matt a Christmas gift of some rather nice leather gloves. He has a pair for his sweaty outdoor work like shoveling snow so these will be his driving gloves. I think he could have needed them that day in the morning when he drove me to the lab! After we spent some time in the Chicago Theatre lobby, we went to our separate seats.

I got a text from my former international advisor from Beloit College. This int'l advisor is a big fan of Tori Amos as well, and drove us to my first Tori Amos concert in 2007, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tori's US tour this year was rather brief; she held no concerts in Milwaukee or Detroit like in the past. We hung out briefly while Matt and I kept her company in the souvenir line. I gave her money to buy a T-shirt for me. She wanted the scarf. We went back to our seats for the opening act, the Norweigan artist Thomas Dybdahl. He was okay but I didn't like him as much as Tori Amos's previous two opening acts.

I bought my boyfriend and I seats in a Mezzanine box. It was pretty spiffy. Lots of leg space, which is nice for his 6’5” frame. There are 6 or so people per box. Before the opening act a server (?) came in and asked if we wanted drinks. I didn’t know they did that. I already had my cranberry vodka elsewise I would’ve asked for something, ‘spensive as the drinks are. Matt and I were in box D, seats 1 and 2 so we were against the railing which was rather sweet. Something I hate about being on the floor is that near the end of concerts most people stand up and being the shortie I am, I cannot see over people's ends and that ruins my pleasure of the music. Also, in the boxes, there were a few annoying neighbors but definitely nothing as annoying as past Chicago Theatre times.

The Fab Four, the quartet, were pretty awesome. Tori Amos opened with Shattering Sea. Her setlist from Undented:

Set list )

On the Undented link there's also some videos of her performance from Chicago. I liked Suede and China from the first half but the second half I found more dynamic and familiar. I was teared up from her cover of The Cure's "Love Song." Ever since I heard a recording of her performing it several years ago in Dallas I've been in love with it. Cruel was also fantastic. And Siren. I thought some songs would be lacking without drums or something, but the cello did fantastically as the backbone. Her own performance lasted two hours which was great since her previous performance lasted 1.5 hours. I love that she ended with Big Wheel. She ended that way two years ago, too. :)

Matt rushed us out of the theatre because he thought getting out of the parking lot would be horrible. The lobby was very crowded. We had to wait for the 2nd time the elevator came down. But parking lot itself was actually quite empty. He felt a bit bad about rushing us all for nothing and that he remembered that I had wanted to spend some time hanging out at a bar afterwards and just hanging out. Oh, well.

Sunday I slept most of the day away. That was kind of nice. :D Sunday night I got a little obsessive and made 3 playlists on my iTunes, one for Milwaukee 2007's setlist, Chicago 2009's setlist and Saturday night's setlist. :D
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I have two tickets for Fleet Foxes's concert this coming Saturday, October 1 at the Chicago Theatre. The concert starts at 7:30pm. Matt and I are going to Beloit on Saturday for Homecoming weekend so we can't go. >_<

The two tickets cost $104.04 with tax and the convenience fees, but you, or someone else you know, can get them for $100 cause, hey, friends. Or friends of friends. Drop me an entry reply or message here on LiveJournal! (All comments will be screened.) You can pay through PayPal and the tickets are in PDF form so I can email them to you right away.

Now back to research recycling compactors for cardboard and glass and applying for jobs and hounding my email for replies.
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but the website now has venues and dates for ticket sales!

This is Tori's page on Ticketmaster.
Vancouver's presale is tomorrow!  (Seems you can buy it from the Orpheum website itself, besides TicketMaster, too...)
Washington DC's presale is Thursday (general public sale is on Friday)! 
Chicago's sale is this Saturday!

Saving your friends page )
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The ceremony is to start at 11am, CST...

OHMYGOD, I can't believe it...

I talked to two of my professors when I saw them at the Interdisciplinary departmental reception earlier today.

I got an A- for Psych Disorders.

I got an A or A- for Technology and Cognition Beyond the Brain.

I got an A for my thesis!!!!


I don't know about my other two classes - seniors can only access their grades on the 20th online with the underclassmen. Unless we ask professors directly like I did. I avoided asking the other professor there, because her class (senior capstone Translating Liberal Arts) was so hard. It was the one that made me break down the most. I'm sure it dragged my overall GPA and my term GPA quite, quite down. I shoud have just stuck at the senior thesis and not done both a senior thesis and senior capstone, with three other classes and auditing another class. The other graded class is Introduction to Creative Writing. The audited class was Introduction to Cog Sci...

I need to go bring a dress to a friend (the de Riguer dress) for her to try on, then continue with this cleaning and packing up my room.

After the IDST reception, my parents went back to the hotel to sleep. They traveled 35.5 hours (the delay in transit at JFK didn't help) and arrived here after midnight today. I spent time with a friend, then back in my room for more packing, then watched the Baccalaureate. I cried several times...


Must keep laptop on for the energetic music. I'm stuck on Britney Spears's "I Wanna Go" since I got her CD eralier this week.


Feb. 14th, 2011 01:42 am
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Congrats to Arcade Fire for winning album of the year (Grammys) with The Suburbs!

Congrats to other winners I know of/am familiar with/like, like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Train, David Guetta, Iron Maiden and Muse!


Hee, a few of these songs I look at and I think "They covered that in Glee!" Which got two nominations, also.

There are some songs/artists I think should've won their categories, but oh, well! (I wonder if Tron: Legacy soundtrack was too late to be in the running to be nominated, or what. I'm biased towards loving that soundtrack. :P)
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This song "True" by Spandau Ballet -- I've heard it in a lot of movies, but I never knew who the artist was or even the title of the song. 

I borrowed the "Hot Tub Time Machine" soundtrack a few weeks ago. I haven't seen the movie, but I was looking for an artist and the CD popped up on the catalog. When playing the CD for the first time today :P, this song started playing and I went squealing!

Man, one of the best ballads ever!
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Queensland, Australia experienced a very bad flood. Two people I know live there, but they are fortunately safe. One of them lives in an area that wasn't badly flooded while another lived in an area that was flooded badly, but they're now staying in another area.

Ten people have been confirmed dead, but it's likely to increase. 78 people are still unaccounted for.

If anybody would care to donate money for disaster relief, here's the link. I know most of my journal friends live in the U.S. even if they're not American. The website does not have PayPal, but uses credit/debit card companies. The donation is in Australia dollars.

1 USD = 1.017 AUD , 1 Great Britain Pound = 1.578 AUD, 1 S'pore $ = 0.784 AUD, 1 Ringgit = 0.331 AUD, 1 S. Korean Won = 0.000905 AUD, 1 Chinese Yuan Renminbi = 0.154 AUD
Sorry if I miss someone's current country residence.

I wish I had realized it was in Australian dollars before I donated. I thought it was like the few others sites I've used that where the site used the user's currency of their current location and then converted it later to the currency of the website's origin country. Now I feel like a cheapskate since I thought the exchange rate was higher between USD and AUD...

On an utterly unrelated note, I have a song stuck in my head. Matt introduced me to it in 2009, and I got him the CD as part of my Christmas gift to him. It's Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" from their Chunk of Change CD. Music ramble )
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I've only seen one episode of The Office, but I love this song in an office setting

This was rather well-done, too!

Pantlessknights also has a "Jizz In my Pants" parody. The title is a little off-setting, but it's hilarious.

Hilarious they use girls who sell a fake engagement ring so you can use it to rebuff men who approach you in bars and elsewhere. I've done that, before I lost my ring. Heh.
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Though it sounds very complex... I wonder how it's done, if it's real!

"Bad Romance" played on Iowa State Bell Tower

Click here!

Oh! It's real! An Assistant Professor of Music and Theatre, Tim-Shi Tam, was the one playing the bells!
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This is a song for another dance I'm doing for Alas! The choreographer is going to censor out the swear words, so it's PG. It's a fun dance! :) We do a lot of jumping around for this one. And I get stuffed in a suitcase!! :D :D

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...for everybody else, anyway! :-P All my classes are Mon, Weds and Friday. So today has been errands. I'm going to start tutoring again Thursday.

I woke at 7am with an upset stomach but sucked it up. At 7:45am I trekked to Matt's dorm room across campus and at 8am we went to the Sports Center.

To exercise.

Exercise! )

When I recall the proper names, I should probably do a proper log. It'd be nice to gain more strength in my body. I'm not stretching a lot besides relaxing muscles before I exercise- flexibility isn't a priority to me right now. Yoga or pilates (sp?) are things I'm not interested in, at the moment.

The shower afterwards was a relief, let me tell you! I ran some errands and got library stuff. At [livejournal.com profile] hana_ginkawa 'S place I downloaded Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster," (my college cuts our bandwidth if we download too much) but I had it waiting for me at the library. I was just impatient... Hee. Anyway, I imported it onto my iTunes so I have double copies of all songs.

I absolutely love her songs "Monster" and "Dance In the Dark." I've already played "Monster" at least, what, 70 times according to my last.fm profile.

I'm apprehensive about tomorrow, since I have class at 8:45am to 12:20pm, then 2:00-3:50pm. My brain might burn out. I hope I don't oversleep my first class. It's with one of my advisors. Eeek. And I have another class with my main advisor, too.

Wish me luck, please!
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Last year I made a playlist to keep me awake during my last-minute paper-writing and cramming sessions. Oh, there were plenty of those nights... I tried to avoid more soothing and hypnotic songs, so a lot of Tori Amos songs were out. :-P Bouncing, jumpy songs were more there.

The Killers - Somebody Told Me
Kevin Rudolf - Welcome to the World
Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock
Kevin Rudolf - Livin' It Up
Kevin Rudolf - She Can Get It
Dope - Let's Fuck
Dope - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Dope - Fuck The World
Dope - Fuck Tha Police
Linkin Park - Faint
Yoav - There is Nobody
Backstreet Boys - Get Another Boyfriend
Rihanna - Disturbia
Rihanna - Sell Me Candy
Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music
Dope - Now or Never
Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
NIN - Closer
NIN - Heresy

Of course this isn't what I listen to all the time I'm studying. This was just what I had at the time then, and I sometimes tend to obsess over songs for songs before I switch to other songs so *shrug*
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"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." is a grammatically correct sentence used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated constructs.

Understanding it )

And thanks to Neil's blog and Amanda's blog, I now know they're dating. What Amanda had to say really made me go awwwwww.

But still... A bit of me is feeling like how I felt when I found out Jessica Alba got pregnant, then married. A good-natured, mock feeling of betrayal. :P

Me: So Neil Gaiman + Amanda Palmer... I don't know whether to be depressed or ecstatic..
Matt: The answer is to be decstaticpressed.
Me: I mean, it's great for them, happy for them but... pouts It's like Alba getting pregnant and married!!! BETRAYAL.
Me: By the way, love, "destaticpressed" sounds like "de-static-pressed" which reminds me of laundry...
Matt: hmmm... how about ecdestatpressiced?
Me: ... o_O Is that pronounced "ec-de-stat-press-iced" as in water frozen that last syllable? or "pres-siced" like siccing a dog?

I haven't the faintest idea how to pronounced that second words of his. It's pretty neat; I can text message American numbers from my GMail inbox by enabling a new lab of theirs!

I'm still cranky. >:-(
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Rotten office fridge cleanup sends 7 to hospital
Full text article )


It would fit that the woman cleaning it out in the first place couldn't smell because of her allergies. I feel sorry the other workers got so sick and nauseous from the fumes. And a hazmat team being called in...wow...

In other news, I was introduced to a website called "Texts From Last Night." Some were hilarious, others horrific (in that they're cringe-worthy). Mind you, a lot of them are sexually centered.
(314): Most awkward sex ever...
(314): And im texting you in the middle.

(908): It was at that point the crowd that gathered realized i wasn't getting arrested, and passed the sobriety tests. I got a standing ovation from 25 strangers

(434): why are there goldfish crackers all over my bed?
(540): you decided you wanted to name them & keep them as pets.

(408): hey, what are you doing? my roommates are gone for the night... you should come over ;)
(650): nah, i'm gonna grab some food

(651): Last night while we were having sex, 'God bless the USA' started playing on his itunes. He came almost immediately... so awkward.

(989): Just had to reach into my sister's bag and shut off her vibrator so my parents wouldn't hear it. I am the world's greatest brother.

I was reading the past entries for Patrick Rothfuss's blog. He's the author of The Name of the Wind. I found the entry for V-day for his girlfriend Sarah hilarious.

The entry  )

I know the date for his second book got pushed back indefinitely, but I'm glad he's taking care while writing it.

Nothing really happened today, besides napping in this heat...

For the Tori Amos fans on my friendlist, here are the dates for her tour in the US and Canada this summer.

Dates )
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I don't know the song I most dread burrowing in my head, but I would hate to have "This is the song that never ends" stuck in my head...  :-P  Or a sappy ballad that makes me want to break down and cry if I'm in a maudlin mood. 
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No particular order:

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie
Poe - Haunted
The Matrix Soundtrack
Cruel Intentions Soundtrack
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog Soundtrack
Wilson Phillips - Wilson Phillips (added at 8:54pm)

Uhm...  Hard time with this... I have favorite songs, more than actual albums...


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