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From a Malaysian friend's Facebook page, that she took from one of her Malaysian friends or an organization there:

People are driving towards the bottom right corner. The reason? Eid is approaching so people are going back to kampung (village/country side/where most elderly relatives live and some people after retirement).

Also, Shell! And Petronas!

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I meant "real-life friends"!!!! I'm sorry!!!
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I saw "Wanted" earlier today (Tuesday night here) and it was so-so. Perhaps some spoilers? )

I also bought something floral. It’s a black-and-white jacket. I’ll probably take pictures of it/me wearing it later. I hope I can go to my friend’s party next week!

I have finished Grotesque and I don't think I will be able to clearly articulate how I feel about it. On Goodreads.com I put the books on my shelves of "Psychology," "Mystery-Crime," "Foreign/translated lit" and "Society/Culture" because it does encompass all this, even as a work of fiction. Or perhaps especially as a work of fiction. This book is told through first-person narratives. There's the initial unnamed narrator who is half Japanese-half Swiss. This story takes place in Japan, though some characters look to their past to events in China or Switzerland. Her younger sister, Yuriko, is "monstrously beautiful." There's also Kazue Sato, a classmate of the first narrator (UN for "unnamed narrator") in Q High School for Young Women, which is a competitive high school. It turns out Yuriko and Kazue are both murdered after becoming prostitutes, and about twenty years after they were all in Q High School for Young Women. The story is told through UN's narration, as though she's speaking to us, Yuriko's journal (after her death), the accused man's writings of his "crimes" and Kazue's own journals (after her death). All the journals were given to UN after the murders and part of her "showing" to "us" what she knows. There are other characters who influence the plot, as well.

“Thoughts” )

Quotes about rules, prostitution and relationships )

I particularly like the one about science. :P Kidding.

I should go and pack up for my hospital visit tomorrow. I may stay until Friday if the surgery is needed, if not I’ll be back later Wednesday, I think.


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