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Another entry at 4am something.  Unfortunately I napped a bit yesterday so my mym fault. I was doing so well staying awake since waking at 6 am until 5pm or so.

I was suppose to meet a friend again yesterday but he texted me about twenty minutes before we were suppose to meet at 6pm or so, saying he had a bad day and maybe tomorrow (today). I don't know if I'm up for it! Silly me.

I tried valerian. Hasn't worked so far. I'm watching Criminal Minds and thinking if I was kidnapped or murdered, my parents would be quite clueless about my real life and my friends and where I hang out, etc.

I would like to see Criminal Minds to feature a foreign student or adult whose parents live outside the country and focus on how the family falls apart. Sure, the show's got distant parents, drugged parents, etc. I just want to see geographically and by necessity emotionally distant parents.


It's been 28 days since I left.

28 Days Later.

In Poland

Aug. 10th, 2012 11:32 pm
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Reached here safely.  Am using my parents' computer (with a non-genuine copy of Windows so I'm not willing to use GMail or other email services or bank stuff or Amazon or anything with sensitivity).  My mom doesn't know the passcode to the wireless router here so I can't use the Internet on my laptop!  Will try to rectify this in a few days.  (The next few days are busy.)

Will say, this feels unreal.  Much crying prior, at, and after the airport. 
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Wore my ears while packing. it's therapeutic. Happier memories, when leaving wasn't something we thought of.

Now we're struggling with Catharine. She's a hard one to pass by and she's an icy bitch right now. In a wedding dress.


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