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Trivially, I miss having access to a gym. Summer 2010 I worked out several times a week, with weights mostly. The following academic year there I didn't work out much at all. The previous academic years I didn't exercise at all.

I know I lack the will-power to exercise now. I haven't done any since graduating. There have been no stretches, resistance training, warm-ups. I've done about a week's worth of warm up stretches when I had intense back pain, for rehab purposes. I did one or two days of exercises with Matt. I use the excuse of not having access to a gym, not having money for a gym membership, the cold weather, the busy schedule, not having enough sleep, to not do any serious exercise.

I know some people prefer a more spontaneous and explosive work out, such as Zumba (I believe it's like dancing?) or running outside or basketball. I wouldn't mind basketball, but I like working out in a gym, by myself. With my mp3 music. It's a time to reflect and just lose myself in the music, in the muscles, in my breath. I can be alone with a book, watching something, and my mind is somewhat quiet, but it's not quite the same.

I miss the little extra strength I had a year and a hall. That summer my digestive issues weren't as bad, either, for whatever reason. I think I had more carrots and fruits, and water. That BRITA filter saved my life. I miss having abdominal muscles that show. I do miss looking how I did when we went to Disney World...

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Yesterday, Saturday, was Slutwalk Chicago. Several people who said they'd come/were possibly coming didn't get back in touch with me, which was disappointing. Matt did come. He was a bit late, so I walked in the tail-end of the march so he could catch up and find me more easily when he arrived.

It was interesting seeing people's signs and how they dressed up. When I was exiting the Lake station, I was behind a woman in a short strapless leather dress. The bottom of her butt was showing. Walking behind her to the Thompson Center was eye-opening; everybody did a double take and looked at her as she walked by. A man who was walking down the opposite direction changed direction to follow her. *grimace* When we were at the sidewalk across Thompson waiting for the light to change, and she had already crossed, he asked what was happening. Someone told him "Slutwalk Chicago" and he asked what it was. Answers from others ranged from "A protest against rape" "A march against victim blaming" and such. He said "Oh" and didn't cross the street with us. Yes, I inner-sneered at him.

The march started at noon and as I said before, I lagged so Matt could catch up. It was also the same day as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so sidewalks were full and traffic was a mess. I kind of felt bad for the cars and other people who were stuck in traffic because of the run and our protest. A few cars/vans/buses honked in support - the peole inside waved - while others, I'm sure, were annoyed. Thank goodness for the police who directed us all. One thing that was disappointing was that an emergency vehicle needed to cross the street and people in the protest ignored the police telling them to stop to let the emergency vehicle through. :( I wasn't there early enough to get the paper handed out with all the chants they were going to go through. One was "Hi-ho, hi-ho! Sexual violence has got to go!" (Or sexual assault.) There were others but now I don't remember...

After the walk was done, Matt and I stopped by Walgreens to get some sunscreen for him and other stuff for me. Then we walked to Printer's Row to check out the stalls, after getting slushies at the 7-Eleven. I couldn't find a lot of booths there selling graphic novels! :'( Too bad. We sat up against a loong brick wall to catch our breath and then got the idea to head to Border's, to check out more recent books. Along the way I steered him into Forever 21. I tried on some shorts and tops but none really fit me right. When we left Forever 21 the sky was darkening and we remembered there was a thunderstorm forecast. Border's was several blocks away so we ran when we were one block away and the rain started falling.

It was rather peaceful in there. After reading 6 graphic novel volumes there on Friday I was a little worried I wouldn't find things to read at Border's but I found a Spike graphic novel and had some Asimov Foundation novels to reread. :-) Matt joined me sitting on the windowsill next to the Religion section and the storm raged outside. We had something to eat and drink at the Seattle's Best there before we got ready to leave to add to Macy's.

Then Matt discovered his keys were gone.

Oh. My. Goodness.

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It was a very exhausting day. We walked 5 miles in yesterday's weather - high of 91.4 Fahrenheit/33 Celsius. >_< My feet and legs ache so much...
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I worked out some. I decided to try for endurance on the cross trainer, and went for a 3 mile run. I didn't do too bad, I think, as I usually just run full out for one mile and feel horrible after. I'll admit my I-like-my-numbers-with-patterns got a little irked with my time. 24:22? I would've prefered for 24:24 or 24:42, I suppose. I was trying for 24:00 flat so it'd be a nice round minute/mile average. :P I also skipped most of the leg machines since I had ran so much.

February 6th, 2011, Sunday
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It'd be nice if before spring break I get back to being able to use 8lbs free weights and more weight on the machines, like back in September.

I also need more beat-heavy music on my mp3player!

Work out

Feb. 3rd, 2011 12:06 am
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I'm still not completely well, but it's been itching at me for a while, and it's a way to empty my mind out. It takes time away from studying, which is a bad point, though... I went with a friend though they went to the treadmill. I really get awed by people who can run on the treadmill without needing to hold onto the bars. I need to and the few times I've tried letting go, I almost fell off.

Log )

I was really unfocused on the cross trainer. I went for my usual one mile run, then vascillated between testing my endurance for 3 more miles and trying for another one mile run at the fastest I could. I didn't do either. I don't want to be a time hog on the cross trainer (there are signs around saying to only use the cardio equipment for 30 minutes during peak times) and I know a 3 mile run is likely to take more than 30 minutes. Maybe next time I'll try a 2 mile run for endurance. Pacing is always so hard for me to do.

The machines were good, though. Started them all at the lowest possible weights except for the tricep press and torso rotation and following my log was nice. I'm glad I listened to my body when it was going "Not at your best, Izzy..." and took more time with my sets and bypassed the machines that make my body strain more. I also helped a girl who didn't know how the torso rotation machine worked, and she thanked me after her set. Next time I should be able to bowl better!

It was also peaceful walking back through the snow-filled campus and seeing how high the snow had piled next to the shoveled sidewalks.
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The last time I visited the gym and did a full workout was September 21, 2010. :S I didn't work out at all during the winter break. The Sports Center was closed for some weeks but open for some weeks, but I should have foregone the "It's cold outside, don't wanna walk outside, coooold" feeling. Like I did yesterday. :P The exercise was good for emptying my brain and just focusing on my body and my music. However, my sore throat got worse and I had a hard conversation with Matt and my mom last night. I've been recommended honey with tea.  I don't use honey in my meals....

On a good point, the college/somebody oiled the leg press machine so it doesn't squeak anymore! YAY! I wasn't crazy to try the machines at the same weights I used last time, except for the ones where I can't go lower (like the shoulder and chest presses -- those are the hardest one!)

January 24, 2011, Monday
Cross Trainer
One mile – normal track field terrain on the cross trainer – 6:56
2 miles in 23:04
5 minute cool-down
Burned 136 calories

Free Weights
3x10 – Alternating Bicep Curls – 5lbs [biceps]
2x10 – Dumbbell Rows (1x10 each arm) – 5lbs [latissimus dorsi , back, deltoids]
3x10 – Dumbbell Triceps Extensions – 5lbs [triceps, deltoids]
1x10 – Shoulder Shrugs – 10 lbs [trapezius muscles, deltoids]
2x10 – Alternating Front Raise – 5lbs [deltoids]
2x10 – Calf raise –10lbs [calves]
2x10 – Alternating lunges – 10lbs [quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings]

Seated leg curls – 2x10 – 10lbs
1x10 - 15lbs [glutes, hamstrings]
Leg extension – 3x10 – 10lbs [quadriceps]
Triceps Press – 3x10 – 15lbs [triceps]
2x10 - 20lbs
Back extension – 3x10 – 10lbs [erector spinae, glutes]
Torso rotation – 6x10 (3x10 each side) – 15lbs [abdominal, obliques]
Fly  - 3x10 – 20lbs [pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, triceps]
Pulldown – 3x10 – 15lbs [biceps, latissimus dorsi]
Chest press – 3x8 – 10lbs [pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, triceps]
Shoulder press – 3x8 – 10lbs [anterior deltoids, triceps]
Abdominal - 2 x10 - 10lbs [abdominal]
2x10 - 15lbs
Leg press - 3x10 - 15lbs [quadriceps]
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Besides the walking I do for errands (pharmacy, mail, library), which I don't generally record as exercise I've been very lax with physical exertions since September. Wednesday evening in my room I used the 3lbs weights Matt loaned me.

January 12, 2011, Wednesday
Free Weights
2x10 – Alternating Bicep Curls – 3lbs [biceps]
3x10 – Dumbbell Triceps Extensions - both arms together – 3lbs [triceps, deltoids]
1x10 – Dumbbell Triceps Extensions - single arm – 3lbs [triceps, deltoids]
1x10 – Shoulder Shrugs – 3lbs [trapezius muscles, deltoids]
2x10 – Alternating lunges – 3lbs [quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings]

Mmmm, there were some exercises I forgot to do with the free weights, too.
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I've been sick, then too busy to work out.  But whenever someone mentioned they had worked out, I felt this weird pang in me.  Dunno why exactly.  I suppose I still see working out as a thing that people who are either healthy (I was so sick it would've sapped my strength more, and who wants to have someone constantly coughing or sneezing working out next to them anyway?) or good time managers (though I'm still struggling with that) can do.  (Though I know of people who work out who do it to an unhealthy degree and/or are driven by an obsession.  I'm talking about an ideal here.)

But, man, my body was and is still sore from the work out.  I sweated a lot during the cardio workout and I wasn't wearing long trackpants or a thick T-shirt.  Exertion my body wasn't used to!  I also got 7:01 for the one mile run on the cross-trainer and I grumbled a little about that to Matt. Not that I didn't beat my best time (6:36) but that the number wasn't symmetrical or a nice round number.  :P I would've been happy with 7:00 flat.  Also, the abdominal crunch machine was functional so I used it after several weeks of it being outta commission.  I still wish they had fixed the leg press machine, since it's so squeaky. 

I was a little unnerved initially because I was the only female there and there were about 4-5 males there, big beefy football-type guys.  Whenever one of them would laugh loudly or trade comments with another, I thought "Oh shit" and tensed up.  Eventually, though, I told myself I was being ridiculous and to focus on my workout.  It did help other people came in, other males I knew by face in the training room, and a few other females.  

September 21, 2010, Tuesday
Cross Trainer
One mile – normal track field terrain on the cross trainer – 7:01
3 minute cool-down
Burned 43 calories

Free Weights
3x10 – Alternating Bicep Curls – 5lbs [biceps]
3x10 – 8lbs
2x10 – Dumbbell Rows (1x10 each arm) – 5lbs [latissimus dorsi , back, deltoids]
3x10 – Dumbbell Triceps Extensions – 5lbs [triceps, deltoids]
2x10 – 8lbs
1x10 – Shoulder Shrugs – 10 lbs [trapezius muscles, deltoids]
2x10 – Alternating Front Raise – 5lbs [deltoids]
2x10 – Calf raise –10lbs [calves]
2x10 – Alternating lunges – 10lbs [quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings]

Seated leg curls – 3x10 – 20lbs [glutes, hamstrings]
Leg extension – 3x10 – 20lbs [quadriceps]
Triceps Press – 1x10 – 20lbs [triceps]
2x10 – 30lbs
Back extension – 3x10 – 20lbs [erector spinae, glutes]
Torso rotation – 6x10 (3x10 each side) – 25lbs [abdominal, obliques]
Fly  - 3x10 – 20lbs [pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, triceps]
Pulldown – 3x10 – 15lbs [biceps, latissimus dorsi]
Chest press – 3x8 – 10lbs [pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, triceps]
Shoulder press – 3x8 – 10lbs [anterior deltoids, triceps]
Abdominal - 3x10 - 15lbs [abdominal]
Leg press - 3x10 - 25lbs [quadriceps]
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Well, one good number, but "some good numbers" rolls of the tongue/fingertips more lyrically than "I got a good number today!"

What number is this, you ask?

Mulan - for the win! )
On a side note, I watched several girls use the barbell and bench press it.  With added weights.  I couldn't lift the darn thing Saturday afternoon when I subbed a shift in the weight room and had to clear/put away stuff laid about!  I had to drag it across the rubber floor.  I was so in awe of them.  My mouth didn't drop open, but I kept watching them from where I was doing my exercises.  *creepy Izzy...*  I'm so envious of them! 
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I went to the gym around 2:30pm as planned, though my friend wasn't there yet. I started my usual routine (one mile track run, 3 minutes cool down, free weights, then machines) but she came up to me midway through my machine set and asked me if I wanted to learn some Pilates moves. I was like "yeah, okay, never learned it before." I was a little apprehensive because it was new to me, and I was broken out of my exercise routine mindset, which was a little comforting to me.

But we headed down to the exercise room further down the hall, where some mats, exercise balls, some machines and rowing machines were. She showed me some moves. I don't know the names of them, unfortunately. Kind of makes me a little "!!!" about that since I've become somewhat anal about writing down my exercise routines and logs. She showed me some moves, then we moved to exercise balls. There were exercises on the walls that I should've written down, but I didn't have my pencil with me. >_< It's hard trying to find balance on the exercise ball. The first one I tried was too big for me, and even the smallest one they had was a little awkward. Damn short limbs.

There were flies in the room (because the front door to the Center was open because air-conditioning is on the fritz in there) and we tried killing so many of them! I did manage to kill one, so yay!

Then we returned to the weight room and I continued my routine, though I left the lower body exercises out. Then I exited the center. I was pretty tired and feeling vaguely light-headed at that time.

On the up side, I shaved 3 seconds off my former best one-mile so I'm at 6:59! Yay!

Exercise and all that )

I may ask her if one day I can just concentrate on my strength training and the other day do pilates and ball exercises with her. I can't do both in one day. It takes up too much time and my body can't take it.
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It's fantastic!

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7 minutes 44 seconds!! After 1.5 weeks of not working out (almost two weeks for time in the actual gym), this is pretty far out. Yay!

August 18, 2010, Wednesday
Exercise log )

It was pretty chill. The gym was pretty empty, which surprised me. I thought they'd be tons of footballers in there, conditioning. There were at most 3 other guys at any one time. I forgot my mp3 player but without music played on the CD player, I didn't really need my own music to envelope me in my own world. :-)

I still have to start packing. *guilty wince* I need to be fully packed by Friday evening, so...two days.

Oh, mmm. I developed a callous on my left palm, below my middle finger. Interesting... I would've thought a callous would have formed earlier.


Aug. 16th, 2010 01:01 am
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This was so long ago, I don't think I can remember all the sets and reps properly

August 8, 2010, Sunday
Ran/walked/jogged outside (where I broke out into hikes...) for about 30 minutes, 1.4 miles I think?

Mess of a log )
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Monday: The work out did not go well, yah )

I don't understand what exactly happened. I was drinking, eating, I didn't even do my work out as intensively as it could have been before I felt really bad and out of whack. I always start my work out with a one-mile run, and the pace I was going at wasn't very fast or intense. But somehow my body just went into alarm-mode, and it was distressing because it threw my schedule and day off.

Wednesday: I was suppose to work out then (do the every-other-day thing), but after the shit that went down Tuesday I just hunkered in the apartment yesterday and hid from the world, except for online people and on the phone.

Thursday: Yeah! I took the one-mile slowly at first, but when my body didn't go into crash mode within the first half-mile, I continued. I got a new one-mile best! 8 minutes and 3 seconds!

At the end of the strength training (I decided not to do the leg press because the machine's noises would have irritated me, despite my music), I decided to try out the treadmill for the first time ever. I almost slipped and fell. It's hard to find your rhythm on it... But I ended up walking on it for 49mins53secs, usually between 2.0-4.0 miles/hour and just lost in my music and thoughts.

August 5, 2010, Thursday
Exercise log )

For two hours I was in there, it was interesting seeing people come and go and the different areas they concentrated on. I also took the exercises slow and more breaks between sets as a precaution (from Monday's experience), I also spent more time looking around at equipment. I noticed the free weights ranged from 3lbs to 105lbs or 115lbs. At the least, they were in three digits! A single free weight! I haven't seen anybody use those, and I haven't met a person yet who I think could use those easily... A few guys I've seen in the gym use 25lbs or 40lbs free weights, but I think that's the highest. (Of course this doesn't count what they bench press or the total on the barbell.)

I'm glad I chose to concentrate on strength training with some cardio. Endurance isn't my priority right now. I think the 50-60 minutes walking round trip between the apartment and the public library suffices as my cardio exercise. I think I would collapse if I tried running outside, besides breaking out into hives from my allergies. I admire those who train for marathons, or run as their main exercise, and they do it for more than one mile. :P As for my goal of strength and toning, after two weeks of not visiting the gym I've lost some muscle in my upper body. The 8lbs weights were a tougher today than they were 2 weeks ago, and the torso rotation exercises were a strain to complete (I even did less than my last routine's set and reps.) I may or may not try to squeeze in a work out Saturday before I leave.
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I doubt later today I'll walk the one hour I usually do to the library and back considering the weather forecast is stormy/rainy and the road near the library is under construction anyway. Wouldn't want to slog through mud, nope.

I also got curious and wanted to record down the muscles the machines and free weights target. I'm not doing a lot of exercises targeting my calves... Mmm... There are other machines in the weight room, but they have the type of weights you need to manually put on and off the machine, instead of just moving a pin. It's more than I can do/carry, even a short distance.

I got a newer personal best on the one-mile track run! 8 minutes and 12 seconds! Woohoo! Shaved 10 seconds off! I'm sure, though, if I had tried for two miles, my average pace would have dropped a lot.

Exercises )
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I walked a lot today, because of a canceled appointment that I got notified of while walking there. So I shopped at the nearby Save-A-Lot and walked back to the apt, then to the public library, then the college, then the apartment, then the college's sport center, then the college library and later back to the apartment.

All in all 3.9 miles. Woohoo. I'm glad I found Save-A-Lot. I was wondering where the hell it was. Got a head of lettuce, white rice grains and Granny Smith apples.

It's been more than a few days since I did a real comprehensive work-out. I lightly did some exercises with one 5lbs weight (basically concentration curls and triceps extensions) at Matt's house Saturday, but since he didn't have a matching weight, I couldn't do several of the free weight exercises I usually do.

I got a new personal best on the one-mile track run! 8 minutes and 22 seconds! Woohoo!
Exercise log )
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I woke up at 10:30am or so, and decided to go to the gym early. I didn't want to run into the Upward Bound group again because I got self-conscious last time around them. It's a little embarrassing realizing females far younger than me can lift weights far, far heavier than me. I realize it's body build and mass, and how long they've been doing weights/training exercises/exercising in general that matter more than age, but I still find it embarrassing... So far those 2 peanut butter sandwiches has held me through the workout. I'm nearly done with the peanut butter. Need to buy more. Yay, Jif extra crunchy peanut butter! Smooth is just too...smooth for me... Not zest, no feeling that you're eating something awesome and nutty when you're eating smooth. At least with peanut butter I like texture.

Ended up working out for about 1hr15mins. Got close to my personal best on the mile run. :D Yay. Though I bet if I had to run two miles, my average pace would be up in the 11mins/mile.  I'm stinking up the college library right now because I'm meeting someone at 1:30pm. I can't squeeze the trips to and from the apt/college library + shower in under 30 minutes. (I will get peeved if she's radically late, though.)

My stomach's growling, not surprising. I can't wait to cook something/eat something. Ramen with eggs and veggies? Pasta with chicken and tomato and basil sauce (assuming the sauce hasn't gone bad)? I still have to finish a public library book - The Verbally Abusive Relationship which was due yesterday. I had a hard time focusing on it yesterday because I can't read/work well under time pressure. Drrr. I would've liked to jot down some of the notes from the book, but I'll have to speed-read it, write a brief cursory review then return it. Damn me for my non-focus beforehand and underestimating how long it'll take me to read books/watch DVD's.

Log )

My mind is going all over the place. I'm really, really hungry... I hope she arrives soon...
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When I went there there was a lot of younger kids there. I think middle or high schoolers. Upward Bound people, I think. It was a little overwhelming for me because I'm used to working out alone or at least among college kids. Though sometimes some people who've worked out earlier have put some rather offensive music on the CD player. With lyrics like "All the girls wanna take a shot, and drop their panties" or something like that. *shudders*

Oh, well. I'll be going back Wednesday and hopefully wake up early enough to go there when the gym opens, and before the busy hour the gym gets.

I added some weights on the machines and for a few of the dumbbell exercises. There is no endorphin rush.

Routine log )
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I worked out after the Germany-Spain semifinal game. Had to get my frustrations out. I forgot my water bottle back home, and the vending machine in the Student Center ate my dollar bill when I tried to get water. It gave me back a quarter, which is the correct change. However, it didn't give me the water bottle! I was so pissed off. Thankfully the vending machine in the Sports Center worked though a bottle of water there costs $1.00. ARGH. Wasting money, stupid machine in Pearson's. Well, it's originally my fault. If I hadn't forgotten my water bottle, I wouldn't have needed to buy another bottle. :-( Bad forgetful Izzy...

When I went to the College Health Center yesterday I got weighed by a nurse before my therapist appointment. It irked me how different the two scales in the gym were, so I asked her to do that. I was right in thinking I gained back all the lost weight during the school year and some. Right now I don't care about my weight if it'll mean I can take pride in my body as a part of me I've worked hard at maintaining and keeping healthy instead of somewhat abusing it as I have in the past with lacking nutritional meals and physical laziness. (I think I'll still be sleeping in, though...)

If I jump back on a consistent every-other-day-ish gym schedule again (the last time was Thursday, though Matt visited last weekend), I can hopefully move to heavier. I tried doing 1x10 of bicep curls with the 8lbs weights, and ohmygod, that was so difficult. I'm going to stick to my 5lbs free weights, though I added small weight increases to some of the machine exercises I did. I also did the machines before my free weights instead of the usual way because there were several people already in front of the free weights bar. Too crowded and I'd hate to be accidentally hit by someone doing a side raise with a 30lbs weight!

I know people probably aren't interested in this, or will read the log all the way through. I still like posting it online in case I can't access my Word document keeping track, and need to refresh my memory on what weights and repetitions I'm doing. Today it made me feel good to see I'm not the only one in the gym with a sheet of paper/a notebook of exercises to do and checking them out. Two other people had them, and another girl had flashcards of yoga/stretching exercises to do.

I went back to doing a mile before my strength workout because I haven't gone to the public library in a long time. The walk to the public library takes me about an hour, and it's 2.8 miles to and fro. I just did my usual elliptical run. I think I'd go crazy if I walked on a treadmill for half an hour with no goal in end.

Routine )
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Today I decided not to run all out for a mile, but just jog at a low pace. I had planned to walk to and from the public library (about an hour in totality) after showering and eating lunch to drop off and pick up my library items. However, after the work out, lunch and shower, I felt really wiped and took a nap before heading to campus to visit Mandy.

Cut for exercises )

So tired... But tomorrow I have drop off my library items. So I'll have to rest up tonight!
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June 27, 2010 – Sunday
2x10 – Alternating Bicep Curls – 3lbs
2x10 – Front Raise – 3lbs
1x10 – Dumbbell rows (each arm) – 3lbs
2x10 – Calf Raise – 3lbs
1x10 – Shoulder shrugs – 3lbs
1x10 – Dumbbell Triceps Extensions

No lunges because my legs are tired as hell. My headache also bumped up a notch so I didn't want to risk anything overdo-ing it.

I still have a raging headache. It doesn't look like a storm's coming in so it's not a pressure headache. Maybe it's the way my neck's been positioned for several hours earlier today and last night, too. I also discovered that my cherries are moldy, which probably caused my upset stomach last night and earlier this morning. I ate a lot of cherries yesterday while watching the USA-Ghana game. I'm getting deja vu, just typing that...


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