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I've never seen Adventure Time but Matt and his brother are big fans of it. Upon unpacking my luggage I found out I accidentally packed Matt's B-Mo shirt! The day before I left I had done a pile of laundry and since my dirty clothes were too small for me to justify running it and using all that water and detergent and electricity, I added some of his clothes. I thought I had sorted them out afterwards, upon the folding of said clothes, but I guess not!

He wore this shirt one day in Vegas and got a lot of comments from others! Unsurprisingly, the comments were mainly made in Excalibur or the Luxor, and the comments were mainly from kids and teenagers and young adults.

I've worn it several times to sleep so here's the shirt after a shower in the late afternoon. It's quite big on me.

And a close up!B-Mo shirt! )

When I first saw the shirt, I thought it was some kind of Nintendo character or something. I was semi-close!
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I spent the 23rd-30th of December with my sister out of state. Christmas )

The evening of Christmas Day my mom called me, asking to see how our trip went. Christmas isn't significant to her so having bad news on that day isn't as shocking. The call was normal and everything was like "How was your trip? The flight?"

Then my mom told me about her mother. Apparently my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer all the way back in June or July. And I didn't find out until December!!! That's half a year! Grandma )

Christian church wedding
In December 2010 I received an invitation to a wedding for one of my host sisters. (My college pairs each international student with a host family. It's up to each person and family how close they remain during the four years.) My host family consists of the parents, two older daughters and four younger sons. My host family is highly involved in their church and held the ceremony and reception in their church. They were very kind and made room for Matt during the reception. It was my first experience going to a Christian wedding!

Wedding )

Yeah, three C's right there... If I remember I'll post up some pictures!

I'm watching Robyn performing on SNL Season 37, Episode 9. (Katy Perry hosted.) I saw Robyn live summer 2010. :D
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I generally don't wear pinks or light greens or light purples or light anything. And I generally don't wear non-chromatic anything. But a friend gave me a fleece-lined hoodie a few year and it's awesomely warm. However, it is pink, purple, green, yellow.

I love making goofy faces.

This hoodie is quickly becoming a winter favorite. Not really for the outdoors but more indoors, after I get out of the work clothes.
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this was taken a few weeks ago in June. This is the edited version.

I don't like having revealing photos taken of when I'm bloated, cramped or nauseous due to my digestive issues. As such a lot more of my abdominal revealing photos have been during my "good" days or lucky timing, rather than when bad days occur, or I rarely show the not-as-flat-as-I-could-be photos to people.

It always makes me hate shopping for jeans or skirts. I have different jeans for my constipated days and for my non-constipated days.


But I do love shopping for tops more, despite my breasts sometimes making that difficult. I find tops with much more variety and fun-ness.
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Ofr the most part, my birthday was really fun. The actual day, Sunday, was quite laid back. Sorted out books, looked at bubbles, dinner, cake and Scrabble. I got 269 points on Scrabble. I played with Matt. Unfortunately we scrambled the letters before I could take a picture of it. I got words like "hex," "ewe," and "viola." I like having to think and put letters in words, in patterns. I like taking pictures of the few Scrabble games I've played. It started New Year's Eve in 2003. We finished all the tiles. That time, the last word was LIMB converted to CLIMB.

There was cake. Matt's family combined the cake. One side said "Happy birthday" in candles and "Happy Dad's Day" on the other side written in fudge/icing. They sang! I blew out the candles! I pulled out the candles! I opeend the card and present! The family (sans Matt) signed the card and I'm pretty sure Matt's mom bought me the gift - earrings. :D Then Matt's dad opened his gift, a tool set, from his sons and read the hand-made cards.

It's a nice tradition they have. Hand made cards for birthdays and Father's and Mother's Days. If I ever have a family, I might want to consider doing that...

Saturday was awesome dinner time. Yeah. Looks at the gratitudes. :P I also went a brief shopping trip, too. I like the clothes I got. Two tops (a tank, anotheer spathetti top), a short white fluffy skirt and a white dress. Matt noticed the claps was broken on the plaid top so ew got off 20% or 25% for damaged merchanidse. Hells yeah. Matt and I set up an appointment to see Clinique for another makeup consultation this Wednesday. Should be amusing when I go.

Friday I saw Stephen Colbert. Unfortunately I can't upload the video I made of *most* of his speech. My memory card got filled. I didn't think beforehand and upload pictures onto my laptop. Shucks. It was at Northwestern, for the big university Commencement. I didn't attend any of the smaller school graduations .
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I can't fit it and I've actually never worn it besides trying it on once. This dress was bought last spring. I had hoped to grow into it.

It's too fancy to put in give and take, but I will toss it in there if nobody wants it!

It's the De Riguer Dress

Pics of the back and with the strap )

Website's dress description and measurements )

I bought this dress for its full price + shipping, (ridiculous I didn't return it for a refund... When I got it I was crazy busy and I just packed it up in a rush last spring), but I'm willing to sell it for $20, including shipping. That's about 25% of what I paid.
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This week, which is the official midterms week for my college, is a little less daunting, though I still have a lot of reading to do, and of course tons of papers/assignments due the week after fall break. Oh, fall break, you double-edged sword.

Monday, Oct. 4
1. English Quiz #3

Tuesday, Oct. 5
1. Comp Sci paper
2. Comp Sci reading quiz

Thursday, Oct. 7
1. Personality Psych Paper #1 due

Friday, Oct. 8
1. Anthro lab quiz (osteology) Canceled!!!

I'm also contemplating what to wear for Halloween this year, if anything at all. My two close female friends are going away for a conference that weekend (BOO). However my boyfriend's coming up that weekend! I'm so excited and awed that he actually asked more than a month in advance if he could come. (With his jobs and all, sometimes he needs to work weekends, depending on scheduling.) It is not often someone will make plans at least a month in advance to spend time with me. ♥ Well, unless plane tickets are involved, but even then it's usually me flying to visit them.

I may see if there's time enough during fall break to go costume hunting. I wasn't really anybody proper last weekend. People's comments ranged. I may just wear my old Ren Faire costume again. I may try to put together some kind of Wednesday Addams costume. :P I saw it last fall break in a store, but the smallest they had then was Small and it didn't fit well. Online it seems XS is available, but I don't know if I want to try and hope for the best fit. Especially considering the look of the costume. I already have a short-ish black skirt (the one I wore to the Fetish Ball in April) - all I'd need are the striped stockings and a black-and-white school-girl like blouse. Or maybe I'll do some kind of dichotomous costume... Matt went as Dexter last year. Inventive and resourceful guy he is.

I have to finish H.G. Wells's The Time Machine for tomorrow. It's a short book, novella, what have you. 96 pages, excluding the introduction, preface, notes, appendix and additional readings. I'm still having a hard time getting into it. I suppose it's the style of writing. I always have a hard time getting into a book where it's noticeable the story is recounted through someone else. Like in Shelley's Frankenstein, too. Through the letters, and the stories within stories. Hopefully when the Time Traveller goes to the future, that type of narrative style will end. It always makes me feel removed from the grit and meat of the story and I feel like I'm not...allowed? to be pulled in because the author consciously chose to put those layers between me and the story. If that makes sense.
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This is so cool! I love the other examples, too.

Bra which doubles as gas mask wins whacky Ig Nobel

NEW YORK (AFP) – A woman's bra which in an emergency can double as a pair of gas masks has won one of the awards handed out at the prestigious Harvard University for the year's most eccentric research.

The Ig Nobels, a tongue-in-cheek homage to their Scandinavian counterparts, were announced just days before the Nobel committee in Stockholm began awarding its prestigious awards on Monday.

The bra that can be turned into two protective face masks -- one for the wearer and the other for whoever else may need one -- won its inventors Elena Bodnar, Raphael Lee and Sandra Marijan of Chicago the Public Health award.

The patent states that each of the bra's cup sections is fitted with a filter device, meaning the wearer can whip it off, and detach each section to fit it over the face.

Another Ig Nobel for Chemistry went to three researchers at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico -- Javier Morales, Miguel Apatiga and Victor Castano -- for creating diamonds out of tequila.

The literature prize at Thursday's ceremony went to the Irish police for writing out more than 50 traffic tickets to one Prawo Jazdy, whose name in Polish means "driver's license."

Stephan Bollinger and other doctors at the University of Bern in Switzerland received the peace prize for demonstrating that empty beer bottles are more likely to crack heads in a bar-room brawl than full ones.

The Veterinary Medicine prize was conferred on two researchers from Newcastle University in Britain who discovered that cows with names produce more milk.

The Igs, as they are known, are chosen by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine to highlight scientific achievements that according to its website "first make people laugh and then make them think."

Pretty cool!


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