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Matt and I drove up to Wisconsin last weekend. The motels in Beloit were all booked up so we spent Saturday night in Janesville. We were a little lost - Matt's phone GPS didn't direct us to the right place. His phone also directed us to this small sushi place. We were bored out of our minds and Rockford's movie theatre only showed Cabin in the Woods at 7:30pm and we missed it. We drove up to Beloit, the night before graduation, and visited friends. I hung out with Beth an hour or so while he went to Phi Psi.

After a while I joined him at Phi Psi and met some alums and graduating people. It was a little awkward because I didn't know a lot of them. We drove back up to Janesville around midnight or so.

We slept in a little, checked out at 11am. Graduation started at 11am but we wanted to basically see our friends walk. We had one last brunch at Bagels & More before heading to campus. We didn't bother parking near campus.

We caught the last part of the speaker's speech, then the class speakers and then the walking ceremony! It was great to see people get their diplomas! I was also surprised at Ari (a former classmate) was valedictorian for the Bachelors of Science! I wish I had gotten closer to the stage for everybody.

Afterwards, finding all the people I wrote cards for was extremely easy! I saw my host family one last time, which was quite, quite lovely. I gave the eldest brother the card I got him, and we got some pictures. I also found Robin, the awesome professor and advisor! I gave her a card and we talked a while. She's so lucky she can play Diablo III. My laptop definitely cannot handle it! And Beth came along. I finally met her parents, though so briefly. It was around 2pm when we left, after I did one last tour around campus. I went into Maurer but I couldn't see my room because a senior was in there. :-P

Driving down south, we finally saw Cabin in the Woods in Rockford, Illinois! It was definitely not what I expected. I can't really talk about it because I want to avoid spoilers, and it's hard to talk about the movie without raging spoilers! It's a smart movie. Christ Hemsworth is in it and he looks way younger than his Thor persona. I looked it up on Wikipedia after and apparently it was completed in 2009, slated for a 2010 release but when MGM filed for bankruptcy it was postponed until Lionsgate bought the film. A release date around the same time asMarvel's The Avengers was a good coincidence!

I have photos but I have to upload them on my laptop...
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I spent the 23rd-30th of December with my sister out of state. Christmas )

The evening of Christmas Day my mom called me, asking to see how our trip went. Christmas isn't significant to her so having bad news on that day isn't as shocking. The call was normal and everything was like "How was your trip? The flight?"

Then my mom told me about her mother. Apparently my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer all the way back in June or July. And I didn't find out until December!!! That's half a year! Grandma )

Christian church wedding
In December 2010 I received an invitation to a wedding for one of my host sisters. (My college pairs each international student with a host family. It's up to each person and family how close they remain during the four years.) My host family consists of the parents, two older daughters and four younger sons. My host family is highly involved in their church and held the ceremony and reception in their church. They were very kind and made room for Matt during the reception. It was my first experience going to a Christian wedding!

Wedding )

Yeah, three C's right there... If I remember I'll post up some pictures!

I'm watching Robyn performing on SNL Season 37, Episode 9. (Katy Perry hosted.) I saw Robyn live summer 2010. :D
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The last time I did this meme was a few years ago but still a Friday in September. As close to anniversaries as possible! Rewind and I hope some answers have changed. FYI/warning: this meme asks about memories, relationships (past and current), friends, daily life, interests among other stuff.

Meme, take two! )

I don't have interest in finishing this Ergo Proxy 1 Disc from Netflix. I really, really should. A llot of my downloadable library items will expire tomorrow and there's no way I can finish listening to (several) of them in time.

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How weird it is to say that...

Returning upperclassmen moved back onto Beloit College (barring RA's and OL's and other people like that) on Saturday, August 27th. I planned to visit from Saturday to Tuesday sometime. By a lucky coincidence Beth was flying into Midway, which is the closest Van Galder stop to where I was before Saturday. We planned to take the 4pm bus but we managed to meet up at the airport and take the 1:30pm bus because her flight arrived early. Joy!

I stayed with Beth the entire time. I wasn't much help with taking Beth's stuff out of storage. I am a little piddling thing. >_< And she was not on the first floor (and anyway that building had stairs leading up to the first floor). We waited until some of her other friends were free for their help with the other things. While Beth was unpacking I went to see the comedian. On the Saturday everybody else returns, there's a comedian or a hypnotist or something. They're usually college-friendly. People-friendly.

This one definitely was not. She was very crude. She was delayed and she started off with saying the Beloit downtown life was hopping, damn she got hung up on the strippers. >_< And she made fun of an international student because she didn't get a joke/looked blank. The int'l student was from Germany and the comedian said she couldn't think of a single good thing to come out of Germany, except bratwurst. She then asked the student from Germany if she liked bratwurst, but the student was vegetarian. She continued on with some jokes before she made one about CNN delays. You know, like how there's a lag between the on-site reporters and the anchorperson back on set. And she said it was like that, the lag, when she watched the German student. >_< Because it took her a while to get the joke.

I know the way I'm talking about it it doesn't sound offensive. Maybe the fact that I'm - was - an international student myself made me more sensitive to people making stereotypical jokes or those bordering on racism.

Did I mention she was okay making rape jokes? Sexist jokes? Racist jokes? I suppose I'd have to say the only thing she didn't do was make homophobic jokes. She was actually quite pro-homosexuality, being from Arkansas and getting a college degree in a university in the Chicago area. She made fun of other people in her family who were not completely okay with homosexuality.

Mention of the rape joke )

A few guys left. What makes me proud is that the a few of the Phi Psi guys were the first to leave. When they left the comedian joked about that. She was like "Oh, wait! Why are you leaving? I mentioned a rape joke and suddenly you remember you had something to do!"

Anytime anybody left she said they were going off to have sex with hand gestures. Heterosexual -- a circle with her index and thumb on one hand and the other index poking in it. Homosexual males -- the index fingers poking at each other. Homosexual females -- her hands spread in V's and mushing them together. A few guys even ran because they didn't want her to see them and make jokes about them. She said, at one point, "This is why you don't want to leave!"

She made a lot of other horrible jokes. There were one or two that were a little funny - poking at Bush and Harry Potter references - but bleh. What a stupid, heinous, horrible, insensitive comedian. I was on my phone the entire time, texting with people, checking Facebook. I was between big groups of people. I couldn't leave easily. I was in a room later with Beth and some of her friends when the head of the Programming Board came in. She looked miserable and so sorry. People had written on posters advertising the comedian comments like "I've been to funnier funerals." I was a little flabbergasted the comedian wasn't screened as well on the Internet as she could have been. But this is also the same person who organized the I ♥ Female Orgasm in April that I enjoyed. *sigh*

But that was Saturday evening and afterwards I helped Beth put her clothes away in their proper place. It was very reassuring and comforting to have something routine and orderly to do to calm my mind down...

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday )

I couldn't see Lindsay which is :-( Not nice.
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Ben Hartzell, class of 2010, produced this video that exposes a long-held secret at Beloit College.
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My memory card had enough memory for three dances from Alas! Thank goodness, since I asked for for these three to be recorded! These were recorded last night, the second and final night of Alas!

The first one is Christophe's Dance called "Conflict Resolution in D Minor." Music is Paragonx9 by Chaoz Fantasy
The description is : This is a re-enactment of a legendary dance rehearsal in which everybody showed up to rehearsal inebriated. They were uncoordinated, they bumped into each other, and conflict arose. This 'dance' is how they settled their disputes.

It is a fun dance!

This next one is the first of two I'm in. It's called "Incurable" with the song "Mamma Who Bore Me" by Duncan Sheik, from the musical Spring Awakening. The dancer in the middle is a woman who believes she has a baby, but realizes she doesn't. The other 5 dancers are symptoms of the disease/illness she has. (I was Extreme Pain.) I just realized that Ashley and I look similar from a distance. I'm the one who starts out closest to the audience, on the right, with flared out black pants. (Ashley wore black long underwear.)

This is the bellydance called "Arabian Adventure" with the song "Arabian Adventure" by DJ Antoine. The two main figures are a king and queen and the rest are separated into different groups with our own alliances. Originally it was suppose to be another king/gang leader, but he had to drop out so Jennifer (the great dancer with the arm sleeve/glove thing, and our choreographer) took his place.

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I can never remember if it's mandell or mandellk for Kathleen's email address here at Beloit. So whenever I type "Kathleen" in Beloit email search, I always end up wincing at the list of results. I should take that as motivation to remember her address.

Last night I vomited and wasn't feeling the greatest. I expect it's still my body getting used to the cold, the food here, the stress of classes/waking up so early and everything. I didn't go to classes today, but gave my homework and lab notebook to friends so hopefully they remembered to hand it in.

I started my new job yesterday. I was hired as an Office Assistant in the Physical Plant department, and work 9:30-11:30 am Tuesdays and Thursday. I started off learning the filing system which made me incredibly happy. There are some places where I'm extremely disorganized (example: my time management) but others when I get somewhat anal about the organization. Filing and listing are examples of that! I used to write inventories of my books when I was younger, multiples lists under Author's Last Name and Genre. So I was happily filing the completed Work Request sheets (they're grouped by numbers, not letters but I can do both, luckily), when people started calling the office. This is where I got extremely flustered and would sometimes either forget their names - I had to keep track of people's calls - or run constantly to my supervisor asking questions. There was some mishaps where someone a person called for was indeed in the office but I didn't know he was him.

I added my Amazon Wish List link to my profile. I decided it gave people more insight into who I am. As an illustration of my sometimes anal-ness, I have three of them, divided into CD's, Books, and DVDs + miscellaneous. Yay, I love organizing things!

One interesting call was from Yaffa, who requested someone to quickly come over to Chamberlain 2nd with a long pair of bolt cutters. Turned out our Beloit turtle had gotten stuck and they were unaware of how much oxygen he was getting and needed to open his cage to move him. I suppose they lost the key or who has possession of it wasn't in their office.

Physical Plant to the rescue!

Now, what is this bullshit I hear about the Westboro Baptist Church led by Fred Phelps intending on picketing Heath Ledger's funeral because he supported homosexuality, as evidenced by his making Brokeback Mountain??!?! I know they already picket funerals of dead soldiers from Iraq (their logic from fallen soldiers in an overseas occupation/war to that showing how God hates America's condoning of homosexuality doesn't make sense to me) but do they ever stop?? I heard they also wanted to picket the funerals of those who were killed in the Virginia Tech shootings, but relinquished their plan when they were bargained over with some radio air time.

Sick fuckers.

I hope when Fred Phelps dies nobody including the media go to his funeral besides his Church. I don't want to validate him as a person with coverage. I think he's extremely disrespectful of people's feelings about death and mourning.

This video of their "Christmas carol" "God Hates the World" is repulsive.

It just makes me sickened to my stomach.


May. 18th, 2007 06:45 am
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So, there was a blackout earlier today. Sucks cause I was online with both my best friend and my boyfriend. (Our Internet cuts off when there's a blackout, as does our telephone line.) *sobs* And then I got hungry, but of course I couldn't heat up the dinner I didn't eat. But now it's back! Yay!

I got my grades.

Ballroom Dance - A
FYI - B+
Calculus - B

Total earned credits: 3.75 (Yay, FYI and Ballroom dance!)
Total grade point: 12.25
GPA: 3.267

Whew. I didn't do as bad I thought I did in Religoius Studies (the class being "Understanding Religious Traditions in Multicultural America") because I handed in some assignments late and uhm...totally blew off a paper. Heh. Calculus was a little disappointing but that's because I know I could've gotten a notch higher if I had studied for the final a lot more than I did. FYI was a toss-up in the air. I didn't know what to expect in Art's class. And ballroom dance...forever will I be grateful to it because without it, my GPA would've dipped below a 3.0 and might've been in scholarship bind!

However...I just checked my scholarship letter and since I'm an international and not given a Presidential or Eaton Scholarship, there is no GPA cut-off. It just said something among the lines of "good academic standing". In fact...I think I emailed Beloit about it before May 1st, 2006 about what it meant...


Not bad for my first full semester at Beloit... I just hope I can hold onto it next semester with five classes!

I still ponder that question I asked. I do suppose it's one of those that you can't answer off-hand but can find examples to while you're doing something. Still, I feel dissatisfied with this...evasive answer. I mean...I feel like...there's nothing here, or there, that would be welcoming. Nothing nothing nothing. I have to stop comparing myself to others, but how can I when my culture's like that?


Apr. 5th, 2007 02:23 am
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Around 12:15 am on Thursday April 5, 2007, Kyle and I watched the Thai horror film Shutter.

Reading the sypnosis, it states:

Late one night on a country road, Tun and Jane accidentally run down a mysterious pedestrian. Fleeing the scene, they return to their lives in Bangkok, but soon discover their life has returned to anything but normal. Nightmares haunt Jane's dreams while Tun, a photographer, notices odd spectral figures begin to appear in his work. Returning to investigate the site of the accident, they can find neither rumor nor report of the victim. But when one by one, Tun's closest friends begin to die, he and Jane know they must unravel this mystery before it unravels their very lives.

Yep, I know it sounds like a mixture of The Ring (American version, since I've never seen the original Japanese one) and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but trust me - or rather, trust Kyle - that this movie is way better than those two. I admit to being derisive of the movie at first since it seemed really slow and blah blah and superstitious, but when it finally gained momentum, it was pretty awesome. (I was curious enough about it to buy it off Amazon.com last week.) There's a nice twist in the end that really...well...wraps it up quite nicely.

I was also somewhat scornful and saying "I don't get scared easily." I screamed. Twice. *laughs* Apparently I scared the shit out of Kyle. Thankfully, the people in Chapin never noticed my screams. (Actually, I'd be a little worried about that...Hmmm...)

So warning: If I'm watching a scary flick in your room, make sure your roommate doesn't mind random screams (if you have one, anyway), or that your floormates won't mind them, if the walls are super thin.

Other news....Hmmmm.... I got back a calc test I was struggling over and received 29/30 out of it. Sweet! And then I picked my room lottery number. *smirks* I got 552, the second lowest number for my year-group. Sweet!!!

And then I fell asleep in FYI around the half-way point, and an hour nap after that so I was semi-awake for RLST 105. *sigh* And then the rest of tonight was spent talking, laughing, screaming, dancing. It was a pretty great day overall! I was smiling a lot during dinner and afterwards. It was awesome.

So yeah, Izzy's happy. There. Happy. A bit confused about some things she's going to do and what she should do, but otherwise, she's pretty content. Yay!


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