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I was browsing other people's blogs and one of them linked to The Pervocracy's "The People You Meet When You Write About Rape."

It was written October 28, 2010 but I think this list is timeless. It's not exhaustive. I've definitely met some people who fit these categories. ("Unnecessarily tempting" seems to fall under "I'm Not Blaming Her But It's Her Fault" and "Traditional Values.") I think the genders don't matter.

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I haven't read all the comments, but it was the usual mix.
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Film director Sidney Lumet dies at 86
Best known for classics such as "Network," "Serpico," "12 Angry Men"

I'm not familiar with his work, besides "12 Angry Men" (I didn't know some people put movie titles in quotation marks instead of italicizing it or leaving it normal). We were shown this movie during my Theory of Knowledge class in high school. At first I was a little uneasy watching it because I don't have a good attention span with black and white movies, but as the story progressed I was pretty caught by the film. It's damn amazing. Despite what Cracked.com says about the movie. :P
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Advocates want corporate American to see sex reassignmnet as AMA does
Link to the article is here. Pretty neat stuff, indeed.
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Bless me iPhone for I have sinned
Catholic Church sanctions phone app to woo back lapsed followers

This app does not replace going to a priest for absolution. It's also approved by a Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne in Indiana, USA. Apparently the Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI's World Communications Address on Jan. 24 "emphasized the importance of a Christian presence in the digital world" and the people who designed this app really took that to heart.

If it doesn't replace going to confess, but "help[s] Catholics through the act" -- how exactly does that work? Does it ask you questions like how guilt you are? Does it somehow "prep" you to face a real person? I really wish I had a friend with an iPhone so I coud split the cost of the app ($1.99) just to see what the app is like. But then again, I don't know if I want to give money to the people who made this app, even if it's just for jokes and curiosity...

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I saw this article linked on the News Feed on Facebook.

New Zodiac Sign Dates: Earth Rotation Changes Horoscope Signs

Everybody's sign is pushed up about a month, and there's a thirteenth sign. Ophiuchus, between the new Scorpio and Sagittarius.

If anybody asks me in the future what my sign is, I'm still going to say "Gemini."
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Interesting article.

No personality changes, a la Phineas Gage, it seems!
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I linked to this article "Women announced suicide on Facebook, no one helped" on my Facebook profile. 

I got a very, very despicable answer.

A person on my profile replied "she sucks" on it, to which I responded "Excuse me?" 

His response, after deleting his original post "she sucks" was:

"Yeah she's weak and doesn't know how to deal with her problems like an adult. That's some emo myspace shit."

Oh, that asshole.  I read the post and responded on my mobile phone.  That...asshole. 

I responded with

"So you wrote "she sucks" as your initial response to the post, erased it, then comes back with saying she's weak? Because she committed suicide/attempted it at all, or because she wrote a suicide note online?
I think it's despicable others ...taunted her or made fun of her and didn't take her seriously. I think it's sad that her only friends who asked for her address were those who didn't live nearby and those who seemed to know didn't do anything. Someone saying they'll kill themselves is serious, especially if they seem specific about how and/or when.
There are people who threaten suicide or self-harm to emotionally manipulate people, I've met them or heard of them, but every instance should still be taken seriously. Even if only to show people that their statement is taken seriously, be they seriously suicidal or emotionally manipulative."

It's sooo infuriating, reading his comments.  
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Help police! Someone's stolen my snowman

Though I think it's not that elaborate of a misuse of the emergency number system in any country. (999 in England.)
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This disorder is "selective eating disorder," apparently. It's an interesting article. I wonder if it's a sensory overwhelming that's painful for other flavors that make them like bland and/or salty foods. I don't think that sentence made sense...

Oh, not being able to eat spicy foods... Obviously if I grew up not liking spicy foods I wouldn't like it/feel so attached to it and feel I would not sad and remorseful at the thought of not being able to eat spicy foods. Also, I adore eating fruits. Not all of them, like dragonfruit or kiwi or lychee, but if I had tropical Malaysian fruit around here, I'd be chomping chomping away. :D
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Did not want to see this article pop up!

The first exam felt suspiciously easy, which makes me worry.

Now, onto Visual Perception and Art studying.


ARGH, no.

Sleeeeepy, so sleeeeeepy. (Great, now I can hear Matt's voice saying it in my head.)

But, here's something on reverspective!

*sigh* Class at 10-11:05, then exam from 1:30pm...
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Video of The Woman with 15 Personalities and how "tests show physiological evidence of Paula's different personalities."

It doesn't appear they allow comments on the website I found this on. Pity. I wonder about the context my personality psychology professor will discuss dissociative personality disorder when we (finally) get to personality disorders. I know it's listed under Dissociative disorders instead of Personality disorders in the DSM-IV, but I think he'll see it as important in his class. *crosses fingers*

"To hospital for gunshot wounds or eat my delicious sandwich first? Nom, nom, nom..."

Yes, a man went home to eat his lunch before he went to the hospital for his two gunshot wounds. Amazing. One was in the left leg, the other in the groin. Also, the lack of fervor about the shooter is...disturbing?

I'm sorry for junking your friendslist with entries. Still scared to go to sleep.

I love this song.
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The...unfortunateness of this incident, and that person's selfishness (of possible wanting to sell the alligator)...speechless

Also...I suppose no x-rays at the airport, then?
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Man with first mind-controlled bionic arm dies after car crash
Remains unclear whether a fault with the prosthetic was to blame

I read this article on MSNBC. This intrigues me because we talked about it in AI class (and about other artificial limbs), and also in Memory and Cognition.

Poor man...
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and I saw this atrocious article be featured on MSN Today.

It's atrocious in its content, not that it was badly written.

I feel so...angry and disgusted and repulsed. Cancer is real. Cancer is scary. Cancer can cause deaths, people. Stupid, insensitive, selfish moronic people who do these sorts of things makes me want to...to hurt them... A lot.

Husband: Wife faked cancer for gifts

Excerpt, click the link to read the rest. )

I feel sickened now, so sickened...
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I read this article and my mouth dropped.

Apparently "International Burn a Koran Day" is September 11th.


Aug. 19th, 2010 07:47 pm
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I don't know what's wrong with people but all the news articles about the rumors about Obama and his religious beliefs, and his citizenship status and blah blah blah is quite...annoying. I haven't read the articles, but I just read the titles and it's sickening. Why can't people just let go of their doubts and not believe stupid rumors and all that stupid shit? I thought all this somewhat came up before during the presidential campaign. Can't people just let go of past disappointments? Even if you're not completely satisfied with how things turn up, blowing it up is just...BLAH.
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Today, when I signed in earlier on MSN/Live Messenger, the article "8 Reasons He Cheats" was featured. After yesterday's article, this one was an additional shock to the memory system. Much hate. Hate.
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Ah, yes, the adult industry is very...industrious about keeping up with current technology.

Adult industry sees iPorn potential in iPhone 4

I was talking about porn and prostitution earlier with someone.

They told me something someone else had told them, that we both never thought of it that way:

"Prostitution is basically paying one person to have sex with you. Pornography is paying at least two people to have sex with each other, and filming them. So...paying two people to have sex with each other and filming them is legal while paying one person to have sex with me is somehow more morally repugnent?"

Yeah... I suggested perhaps it's the physical distance between the former and the latter that makes prostitution seem more repugnent than pornography (to those who do see a difference between the two, as opposed to those who see them both equally horrid and those who see them both equally valid).

We both think prostitution should be legalized.
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This article is really touching. It's sad that sometimes he failed at stopping people from committing suicide, but if they were that serious about it, nothing could stop them. He helped prevent at least 160 people from jumping.

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