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Full personality description:

You have a knack for drama and overexaggerating things, as well as doing whatever you can to keep from getting your hooves dirty. But, putting that aside, you're also very self-conscious about yourself, are generally very polite (unless someone deserves a little of your attitude), and have impecable manners and sense of style.

Just because you delight in being the center of everyone's attention doesn't mean you give no attention in turn. You're incredibly generous, showering your friends with gifts, spending time with them and doing fun things like shopping and makeovers, and doing everything in your power to help elevate your friends' self-worth. Even though a friend may be more popular than you, you are still willing to help them out with their success, hoping that you'll get your piece of the pie in turn.

You have a tendency to be overly obsessive over small details, sometimes worrying too much about them rather than looking at the whole picture. Your attention to detail does come in handy at times, though. You also loooooove fashion, style, and looking as good as any pony can be! Whatever it takes to look as classy and elegant as possible — that's your motto, because you care how other ponies see you, and want to make sure that your impression is the one that stands out the most.

I definitely do not care or know anything about fashion. I wish I had a more polished look sometimes, but most times I don't care. I don't wear makeup, I rarely put in my contacts now, I'm fine going out with wet hair or my hair in a ponytail... I like wearing some clothes that's classy and elegant, like my national costume but mostly I'm casual. But I am self-conscious of my look, too... I suppose I don't care enough to change/try...

Also, wanting to stand out and center of attention? I hate when attention is focused on me unless I'm actively seeking it out and then it's in a small group of people. I hate public speaking!

As for drama, it sometimes happens. Right now it's thankfully simmered off.

Someone else said I'm more like Twilight Sparkle. My chart shows I'm close to it...

Bronyland Pony Quiz
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From [livejournal.com profile] rose_lemberg!

The meme:

Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile." 

• I'll respond by asking you five questions
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

1. Do you have a favorite moment with your grandparent(s) that you'd like to share?
My mother was raised by her aunt and her aunt's brother/blood uncle. This was because her aunt wanted to raise children so much so several of her siblings "offered" her one child for her to raise. My mom did grow up meeting her biological mom, but she also has three "brothers" (biological cousins from separate families). It wasn't until I was suppose to make a family tree in 1st or 2nd grade that I learned about this; I thought they were blood.

I don't know my grandparents that well, there are languages barriers. But my great-uncle and I had a close relationship, despite the language barrier. Sometimes he'd buy ice cream in the flavor I like. In their old house in the countryside - they have geese, chickens and used to have cows - there's also a swing out front. Once we just sat there and swung gently around. I don't remember what we were eating but we were sharing a snack together. It was quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend his funeral because we were overseas at the time.

2. What is your preferred comfort food?
My preferred comfort food... Well, here it's fruit roll-ups, strawberry! But usually it's junk food of some sort. Snickers, Cheetos, Sour Patch Kids, Kit Kat, etc... If I was home with my mom, her sambal ikan bilis (chillied anchovies) are definitely a favorite dish of mine. I eat it with rice or in a sandwich.

3. What was your favorite picture book growing up?
I don't think I really remember a favorite picture book growing up. I don't remember my parents reading to me. We had a lot of Peter and Jane books growing up but I remember reading them to myself.

4. In addition to panthers, what other wild animals do you admire, if at all?
Owls, though I don't know a lot about them! I find them fascinating. I think I prefer animals I associate with darkness or night-time.

5. If you could meet any poet, dead or alive, for dinner - whom would you invite?
John Donne! I read a lot of his poems back in my last high school. While conversation may be a little hard in terms of types of English we each speak, I find his poetical twists really intriguing and, well, smart. One day the English teacher wasn't there and the class broke out into a divided discussion of what Donne meant in "The Flea." It'd also be interesting to consider what kind of dinner we'd both find appetizing...
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Matt and I drove up to Wisconsin last weekend. The motels in Beloit were all booked up so we spent Saturday night in Janesville. We were a little lost - Matt's phone GPS didn't direct us to the right place. His phone also directed us to this small sushi place. We were bored out of our minds and Rockford's movie theatre only showed Cabin in the Woods at 7:30pm and we missed it. We drove up to Beloit, the night before graduation, and visited friends. I hung out with Beth an hour or so while he went to Phi Psi.

After a while I joined him at Phi Psi and met some alums and graduating people. It was a little awkward because I didn't know a lot of them. We drove back up to Janesville around midnight or so.

We slept in a little, checked out at 11am. Graduation started at 11am but we wanted to basically see our friends walk. We had one last brunch at Bagels & More before heading to campus. We didn't bother parking near campus.

We caught the last part of the speaker's speech, then the class speakers and then the walking ceremony! It was great to see people get their diplomas! I was also surprised at Ari (a former classmate) was valedictorian for the Bachelors of Science! I wish I had gotten closer to the stage for everybody.

Afterwards, finding all the people I wrote cards for was extremely easy! I saw my host family one last time, which was quite, quite lovely. I gave the eldest brother the card I got him, and we got some pictures. I also found Robin, the awesome professor and advisor! I gave her a card and we talked a while. She's so lucky she can play Diablo III. My laptop definitely cannot handle it! And Beth came along. I finally met her parents, though so briefly. It was around 2pm when we left, after I did one last tour around campus. I went into Maurer but I couldn't see my room because a senior was in there. :-P

Driving down south, we finally saw Cabin in the Woods in Rockford, Illinois! It was definitely not what I expected. I can't really talk about it because I want to avoid spoilers, and it's hard to talk about the movie without raging spoilers! It's a smart movie. Christ Hemsworth is in it and he looks way younger than his Thor persona. I looked it up on Wikipedia after and apparently it was completed in 2009, slated for a 2010 release but when MGM filed for bankruptcy it was postponed until Lionsgate bought the film. A release date around the same time asMarvel's The Avengers was a good coincidence!

I have photos but I have to upload them on my laptop...
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Izzy has mastered the ability to sculpt and mold all silver with a thought. Additionally, she has been known to spin like a whirlwind and she has learned to absorb the damage from all physical attacks and use it to magnify her ability to see the past. Izzy has the power to make duplicates of herself and she is able to rocket to distant stars. She also is able to change shape into a sheep and she wages war wielding a cruel bundle of magic spells that can force adversaries to ramble incoherently. Tragically, Izzy becomes tired in the presence of rock.

Random Superhero Generator!
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Ticket, Please

What is your favorite vacation spot in the world and why do you love it so much -- is it the activities, the people, the sheer beauty, etc? Would you live there full time if you could, or do you prefer to keep it as a special treat?


 I wish I do have a favorite vacation spot in the world.  I've never visited any one place often enough (that wasn't my home country) to count as a 'vacation spot.' There have been vacations I've enjoyed but never that I felt like visiting again.  Well, I visited a friend once in Spokane and that was a delightful visit.  Horsies.  Kitties.  Doggie.  (Yes, I become infantile when horsies are around.)  I'd like to see her again, before I leave...  But I guess I wouldn't consider it a "vacation" spot but rather a place and person I loved visiting and would love to see again...  
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“It’s you, perfected!”

“Take control of your color  by Hue/Saturation. Use this break-through formula to change hair, skin  color, brighten eyes, whiten teeth. Even adjust your race.”

Very, very well-made.

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From mandieichel's Deviant account.

They're so wonderful!
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Earlier this week I was talking with someone about our births.  I was musing over the fact that I felt I should have been bigger and taller than I currently am, if only because both my sisters are taller than my mom whereas I'm the shortest in the family.  I then told them about what my mom had told me: That there was something wrong with her/my placenta during her pregnancy of me so I didn't get all of the nutrients I should have had from all the food she eating.  There was a possibility also of the oxygen uptake and gas exchange (O2, CO2) not being optimal.

I knew already that my conversing partner was 10 pounds 4 ounces (10.25lbs/4.6493 kg).  That's really big for an infant!  The nurses bought their mother flowers, out of sympathy.. They were born with the umbilical cord around their neck. Thankfully they were delivered with a C-section, which made it easier to ease the umbilical off.

I was born very small though I didn't know how much I weighed at birth.  I stayed in the incubator for 26 days afterwards which doesn't seem a long time to me, but I was told it was a long time by the other person's standards. I don't know how different hospitalized neonatal care is in Malaysia and other countries.

This ignorance of my birth weight led me to text my mother and ask her.  Apparently I was 1.5 kg. In American terms, that 3.3lbs/3 pounds 4.8 ounces!  I was about a third of the other person's baby weight!  We didn't know what the ranges were for underweight, normal, and large babies were besides our vague notion that double digit pound babies are huge.  They Googled something like 3.3lbs baby and found that I was on the cusp of underweight-very/extremely underweight baby or very low birthweight for some sites

My mom texted me that  I was not a premature baby and went to full term.  I had a vague notion about that, just from my mom once telling me that I "didn't want to leave" and that one of my sisters were "eager to leave."  She also mentioned again something being wrong with the placenta. Her remark led me to Googling some terms I can't remember now but led me to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). 

According to PubMed:

Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) refers to the poor growth of a baby while in the mother's womb during pregnancy. Specifically, it means the developing baby weights less than 90% of other babies at the same gestational age.

More )

I don't know if the doctor gave this as a possibility to my mom.  I have no idea what was wrong with the placenta, if there was a name for it. My dad's told me my head seemed big for my body and it was all "floppy" but baby's necks are too weak to support the head, anyway.  I didn't get passive antibodies from my mother, spread through breastmilk, because I was fed on formula.  I didn't react well to something in her breastmilk, a sensitivity to something.

I don't know if I would ever have children.  Maybe?  Maybe not.  I know I can expect a small baby, if not hope for a small baby!  My mom, after giving birth to all of us, was pretty thin, judging from the photos and some of her post-pregnancy clothes I tried on.  (Like clothes from when we lived in NYC when I was 11 months old.)  She got married when she was 23 years old and I can't fit in her wedding outfit; she was that slim.  I do have a different body shape from my sisters and my mom, though.  One of my older sisters could fit in her wedding outfit, at least back in high school.  My mom was pretty athletic all through primary and secondary school. She likes to take long walks when she can.

On a funny note, my mom texted me that my older sisters were 5 and 5.5 kilos.  That's 11lbs and 12.1lbs, respectively!  That's bigger than the person I was talking with, and their mother was far taller than my mother!  I texted her back, saying that was heavy and she said, no, it's normal and I responded, no, I don't think so.  Then she replied and said that she got it wrong, they were 5 and 5.5 pounds at birth, not kilograms! Whew, what a relief!

Three years

Mar. 8th, 2012 07:33 pm
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Yesterday, March 7, 2012, was three years for Matt and I. Exclusively. We dated for several months beforehand.

Photo montage!

Boop )

I think we took a picture last night but I haven't the foggiest idea where my camera is. >_< I don't even remember what we did our first year anniversary. Mmmm...
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In December an auction was held to raise money for Terri Windling at [livejournal.com profile] magick4terri. I won an auction for a metamorphosis poem and book made by [livejournal.com profile] rose_lemberg. I chose the animal "black panther/jaguar" and the element "fire." I chose the black panther because it's the mascot of a school I went to back in Malaysia and I do love the black panther and how I perceive the animal as a sleek hunter. I had a more difficult time with the element, choosing between wood, stone, wind, fire, or storm. I ultimately chose fire because I love warmth and we were in the middle of a Midwestern winter (however mild it is).

I've seen little snippets of the book on Rose's LiveJournal during the process and in earlier February I received the book!

It's quite beautiful.

From her entry about the book and the entries of the process, a few pictures:

And snippets:

Listen, girl-woman,
shining woman, still woman,
skinwild woman, dreaming-fast woman -
I will go in, where they keep fire captive
in the deceitful embrace of glazed brick.
I will gift
garnet and oystershell to your kinswomen
and ask for their unmarrigeable daughter.

[The Suitor]:

Ah, this gate. The northeast wind has long peeled
its bashful paint away, pressed
caress after wild caress into the surrendering flesh of the wood.
Some nights, the groaning
shames the people in. Pretending decency,
they splash boiling river into clay; heads tilted
ever so politely to the east, they stir their tea
and veil the windows with seed-embroidered cloth.

Nothing like this ever lasts.


Also, some photos of when I received it.
Photos )

I definitely recommend clicking on Rose's entry about the book!


Feb. 4th, 2012 06:59 pm
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When 50/50 was advertised on TV and in the cinema, I thought it was seemed good. I never got to watch it in the cinema, though.

Thursday evening Matt and I watched 50/50. It is a very good film. The beginning was a little to get used to, because of the sexual profanity - Seth Rogen's character, Kyle, asks Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, Adam, if Adam's been having sex and when Adam reveals he hasn't, Kyle gets a little profane. It's in a good humor manner. However, when Adam is diagnosed with cancer, the actors do a very good job of showing how each character reacts to the news.

I cried during the film, I laughed during the film. Gordon-Levitt is exceptional at using his face to portray emotion. Rogen delivers his line and actions as the ostensibly funny man wonderfully. (Anna) Kendrick as the somewhat formal psychotherapist is fantastic. (She is a clinical psychology student on her way to her master's or PhD.)

I don't know how to talk about this movie without giving spoilers. Unlikes other TV shows or movies, I didn't want to find spoilers during this movie. I was so engrossed and so excited about this movie.

The movie did remind me about my cousins who passed away from cancer. Back in 1992 or so (I don't remember the specific year since I was a young child) and back in August 2010. It reminded me of my aunt and great-aunt who passed away from breast cancer, fleetingly, but more about my cousins because they were about the same age of the protagonist in 50/50.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 06:29 pm
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I can now comment on journals (personal LiveJournal and communities) formatted in the new style! I couldn't and it was really upsetting me. I also didn't know if it was creepy to personally PM the poster with my comment about their entry, especially if it's an entry in a community and we aren't friends.
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I spent the 23rd-30th of December with my sister out of state. Christmas )

The evening of Christmas Day my mom called me, asking to see how our trip went. Christmas isn't significant to her so having bad news on that day isn't as shocking. The call was normal and everything was like "How was your trip? The flight?"

Then my mom told me about her mother. Apparently my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer all the way back in June or July. And I didn't find out until December!!! That's half a year! Grandma )

Christian church wedding
In December 2010 I received an invitation to a wedding for one of my host sisters. (My college pairs each international student with a host family. It's up to each person and family how close they remain during the four years.) My host family consists of the parents, two older daughters and four younger sons. My host family is highly involved in their church and held the ceremony and reception in their church. They were very kind and made room for Matt during the reception. It was my first experience going to a Christian wedding!

Wedding )

Yeah, three C's right there... If I remember I'll post up some pictures!

I'm watching Robyn performing on SNL Season 37, Episode 9. (Katy Perry hosted.) I saw Robyn live summer 2010. :D
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I love it. [livejournal.com profile] hana_ginkawa let me know about [livejournal.com profile] dhamphir's offer for animated personalized icons, featuring leopards and tigers.

Snow leopard!

I would definitely recommend checking out [livejournal.com profile] dhamphir's LJ now and then for offers of personalized icons!

EDIT: Got reminded in a conversation - though the person didn't say it explicitly - that the animal is a snow leopard, not a snow panther. I sometimes get leopards and panthers mixed up. Panthers and leopards seem like they're really similar if not the same for some types. If that makes sense...
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A few friends shared it and one friend commented on one of her friends' sharing of it.

Friend 1 shared it and said:

One of our friends replied:
"I think none of the ones in the top row are going to survive the next winter." (2 thumbs up)

Friend 2 shared it and said:
Personally, I think all body types are beautiful but when someone's bones are sticking out is when I grow concerned. (4 thumbs)

One of their friends replied:
Great pic- thanks for sharing!

Friend 3 replied to one of her friends sharing it with:
"When did someone else's body shape become our business?" (1 thumbs up)

For one thing, shouldn't that question end with a question mark?

I applaud the image is trying to promote, if I see it right, that current thin celebrities aren't sexy as past curvier women and carries, implicitly, the assumption that the majority of the world finds said thin figures as sexy and becoming. But I think for it to become more analogous, either both rows should have the women in bikinis or one-piece swimsuits. Social commentary, too, I suppose.

I've had a friend get looked at weirdly or ask if she was part of a conservative religion because she wore a one piece swimsuit to a beach in Italy, instead ofa two-piece. I mean, come on.

I found the comment "I think none of the ones in the top row are going to survive the next winter" kind of insulting. I don't know why precisely, though...

However, when I see images or status that claim that "Real women have curves" or something similar to that, it definitely irks me. There are women who do not have big chests or narrow waists or pronounceable hips. There are shopping and clothing brands out there trying to sell clothing they believe gives the illusions of a bust or hips or a narrow waist. I just find it irritating, now and then, when people make generalizations and say this body type sucks and is horrible and this is how women should look like. I have friends who say collarbones are frightening to see - well, my collarbones always show on me. Or sometimes my ribs do, and it's awkward at some points. When I see myself in the mirror in a changing room and a bra, I sometimes think the rib showing looks like I have a bra that's too small and the bottom of my breasts got squished and are showing. (On an aside, I find it kind of off-putting when I see pictures of females where the bikini tops do show the bottom of their breasts. Very awkward.) Invalidating people based on how they look is so invalidating.

I can find multiple body types aesthetically pleasing. I can find multiple body types physically pleasing and sexually attractive. People find whatever they find sexy. Finding what you think fits you the best is what matters.

I found Friend 3's comment interesting. I don't think, if people think the image is also implicitly blaming media for a high prevalence rate of eating disorders, that she'll say that eating disorders aren't concerning, but that that might be a generalization and people should concern themselves with themselves. That if you are concerned about someone based on that someone's body type, it's better to be concerned about that rather than the world is general? I don't know... I suppose she is fed up with paparazzi and all the comments about a female being pregnant just because omg, her stomach isn't completely flat. Or comments about cellulite and of the ilk. Give it up, people!

This is very incoherent. Sorry...
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I generally don't wear pinks or light greens or light purples or light anything. And I generally don't wear non-chromatic anything. But a friend gave me a fleece-lined hoodie a few year and it's awesomely warm. However, it is pink, purple, green, yellow.

I love making goofy faces.

This hoodie is quickly becoming a winter favorite. Not really for the outdoors but more indoors, after I get out of the work clothes.
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Trivially, I miss having access to a gym. Summer 2010 I worked out several times a week, with weights mostly. The following academic year there I didn't work out much at all. The previous academic years I didn't exercise at all.

I know I lack the will-power to exercise now. I haven't done any since graduating. There have been no stretches, resistance training, warm-ups. I've done about a week's worth of warm up stretches when I had intense back pain, for rehab purposes. I did one or two days of exercises with Matt. I use the excuse of not having access to a gym, not having money for a gym membership, the cold weather, the busy schedule, not having enough sleep, to not do any serious exercise.

I know some people prefer a more spontaneous and explosive work out, such as Zumba (I believe it's like dancing?) or running outside or basketball. I wouldn't mind basketball, but I like working out in a gym, by myself. With my mp3 music. It's a time to reflect and just lose myself in the music, in the muscles, in my breath. I can be alone with a book, watching something, and my mind is somewhat quiet, but it's not quite the same.

I miss the little extra strength I had a year and a hall. That summer my digestive issues weren't as bad, either, for whatever reason. I think I had more carrots and fruits, and water. That BRITA filter saved my life. I miss having abdominal muscles that show. I do miss looking how I did when we went to Disney World...

Picture )


Dec. 30th, 2011 01:58 am
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Some people's entries I cannot comment on. The "post comment" button isn't viable; it is greyed out. Does anybody know how to fix this?

On a somewhat related note, can people comment on my journal entries? This new commenting layout confuses me.
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"He couldn't make a sentence stand up and be noticed if he put Viagra in the ink."

- "Self-made" Law & Order: Criminal Intent S7E7
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When the tickets were released in July I bought two for Matt and myself though I didn't even know if I was still going to be in Chicago for her December 10th concert. I planned on gifting them to someone else if that happened, or putting them up for sale.

Two weeks ago I emailed the other research assistant for my study to ask if we could switch weekend days for the past weekend. I usually work Saturdays and sessions end at 1pm. Tori usually has a Meet & Greet from 2pm to 5pm prior to her concerts. I wanted to sleep in and have time to get ready to wait outside. The other R.A. said okay, but then let me know she couldn't because her schedule changed. I think because of finals.

So I go to the lab Saturday morning and upon looking up Undented's Twitter found out that there wouldn't be a M&G. :-( But I went straight to downtown Chicago nonetheless by myself. Before the concert )

We had a quick dinner at the Halsted St. Diner then went to Macy's. Bridgett and Michael met us there and we got a little lost trying to find men's leather gloves. 3rd floor - not in outerwear, redirected to the 2nd floor and got told it was on the first floor. I got Matt a Christmas gift of some rather nice leather gloves. He has a pair for his sweaty outdoor work like shoveling snow so these will be his driving gloves. I think he could have needed them that day in the morning when he drove me to the lab! After we spent some time in the Chicago Theatre lobby, we went to our separate seats.

I got a text from my former international advisor from Beloit College. This int'l advisor is a big fan of Tori Amos as well, and drove us to my first Tori Amos concert in 2007, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tori's US tour this year was rather brief; she held no concerts in Milwaukee or Detroit like in the past. We hung out briefly while Matt and I kept her company in the souvenir line. I gave her money to buy a T-shirt for me. She wanted the scarf. We went back to our seats for the opening act, the Norweigan artist Thomas Dybdahl. He was okay but I didn't like him as much as Tori Amos's previous two opening acts.

I bought my boyfriend and I seats in a Mezzanine box. It was pretty spiffy. Lots of leg space, which is nice for his 6’5” frame. There are 6 or so people per box. Before the opening act a server (?) came in and asked if we wanted drinks. I didn’t know they did that. I already had my cranberry vodka elsewise I would’ve asked for something, ‘spensive as the drinks are. Matt and I were in box D, seats 1 and 2 so we were against the railing which was rather sweet. Something I hate about being on the floor is that near the end of concerts most people stand up and being the shortie I am, I cannot see over people's ends and that ruins my pleasure of the music. Also, in the boxes, there were a few annoying neighbors but definitely nothing as annoying as past Chicago Theatre times.

The Fab Four, the quartet, were pretty awesome. Tori Amos opened with Shattering Sea. Her setlist from Undented:

Set list )

On the Undented link there's also some videos of her performance from Chicago. I liked Suede and China from the first half but the second half I found more dynamic and familiar. I was teared up from her cover of The Cure's "Love Song." Ever since I heard a recording of her performing it several years ago in Dallas I've been in love with it. Cruel was also fantastic. And Siren. I thought some songs would be lacking without drums or something, but the cello did fantastically as the backbone. Her own performance lasted two hours which was great since her previous performance lasted 1.5 hours. I love that she ended with Big Wheel. She ended that way two years ago, too. :)

Matt rushed us out of the theatre because he thought getting out of the parking lot would be horrible. The lobby was very crowded. We had to wait for the 2nd time the elevator came down. But parking lot itself was actually quite empty. He felt a bit bad about rushing us all for nothing and that he remembered that I had wanted to spend some time hanging out at a bar afterwards and just hanging out. Oh, well.

Sunday I slept most of the day away. That was kind of nice. :D Sunday night I got a little obsessive and made 3 playlists on my iTunes, one for Milwaukee 2007's setlist, Chicago 2009's setlist and Saturday night's setlist. :D


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