Mar. 2nd, 2012

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In December an auction was held to raise money for Terri Windling at [ profile] magick4terri. I won an auction for a metamorphosis poem and book made by [ profile] rose_lemberg. I chose the animal "black panther/jaguar" and the element "fire." I chose the black panther because it's the mascot of a school I went to back in Malaysia and I do love the black panther and how I perceive the animal as a sleek hunter. I had a more difficult time with the element, choosing between wood, stone, wind, fire, or storm. I ultimately chose fire because I love warmth and we were in the middle of a Midwestern winter (however mild it is).

I've seen little snippets of the book on Rose's LiveJournal during the process and in earlier February I received the book!

It's quite beautiful.

From her entry about the book and the entries of the process, a few pictures:

And snippets:

Listen, girl-woman,
shining woman, still woman,
skinwild woman, dreaming-fast woman -
I will go in, where they keep fire captive
in the deceitful embrace of glazed brick.
I will gift
garnet and oystershell to your kinswomen
and ask for their unmarrigeable daughter.

[The Suitor]:

Ah, this gate. The northeast wind has long peeled
its bashful paint away, pressed
caress after wild caress into the surrendering flesh of the wood.
Some nights, the groaning
shames the people in. Pretending decency,
they splash boiling river into clay; heads tilted
ever so politely to the east, they stir their tea
and veil the windows with seed-embroidered cloth.

Nothing like this ever lasts.


Also, some photos of when I received it.
Photos )

I definitely recommend clicking on Rose's entry about the book!


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