Feb. 4th, 2012


Feb. 4th, 2012 06:59 pm
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When 50/50 was advertised on TV and in the cinema, I thought it was seemed good. I never got to watch it in the cinema, though.

Thursday evening Matt and I watched 50/50. It is a very good film. The beginning was a little to get used to, because of the sexual profanity - Seth Rogen's character, Kyle, asks Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, Adam, if Adam's been having sex and when Adam reveals he hasn't, Kyle gets a little profane. It's in a good humor manner. However, when Adam is diagnosed with cancer, the actors do a very good job of showing how each character reacts to the news.

I cried during the film, I laughed during the film. Gordon-Levitt is exceptional at using his face to portray emotion. Rogen delivers his line and actions as the ostensibly funny man wonderfully. (Anna) Kendrick as the somewhat formal psychotherapist is fantastic. (She is a clinical psychology student on her way to her master's or PhD.)

I don't know how to talk about this movie without giving spoilers. Unlikes other TV shows or movies, I didn't want to find spoilers during this movie. I was so engrossed and so excited about this movie.

The movie did remind me about my cousins who passed away from cancer. Back in 1992 or so (I don't remember the specific year since I was a young child) and back in August 2010. It reminded me of my aunt and great-aunt who passed away from breast cancer, fleetingly, but more about my cousins because they were about the same age of the protagonist in 50/50.


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